Friday, April 24, 2009

Separation and surprises!

So this last Tuesday I had my first moment of separation from Gavin. Ryan's parents were out in Orland (his dad playing tennis w/ Ryan) and his mom was at the house w/ me. We were gonna pick up sandwiches from the Ice Box in town and so I decided to just run there myself and leave Gavin with my mother-in-law. I had a moment of wait can I do this, but realized it would be a quick trip. On the way back from the sandwich shop I decided to stop at the tennis courts to say hi to the guys really quick. Ryan insisted I sit down for a few minutes and relax when I mentioned it was my first time away from Gavin. I literally stopped in my tracks and froze when he said that. What? I can't do that, what am I doing away from him? It was so weird. For a moment life seemed like it was before Gavin was a part of our family. I'd ride my bike or walk to the courts now and again to watch them play and enjoy the summer nights. I decided to sit down and watch for a few minutes to indulge Ryan but it quickly felt lonely. Where was my right-hand-man, my WING MAN! Its amazing how much life changes overnight with the arrival of the little man! I wouldn't have it any other way! Speaking of the dude, he needs my love (still having his gas problems). The blog must wait...

...back to the post. Oh wait he's crying again. I hate seeing him in on hold...again.

What happened next you wonder?

Baby fed--check!
Baby burped--check!
Dirty diaper changed--well, it was just wet w/ a hint of poo (hence his gas problems) I'll change it anyway just in case. Then in the process of changing it Little Jet is crying hysterically. I'm trying to talk to him to calm him down and then what happens? You guessed it the "sharp shooter" had a hay day!

Let's see what ran through my mind:
I told you so! (Ryan speaking in my head)
Neener, neener, neener! 
It's about time--how long did you think you could get away without covering his "ahem"? 
And you thought he wouldn't do that to you cuz your his mom! 
That much pee can come out of that little thing? 
Oh that can't taste good!

It was so sad to see him lying in a puddle of his own pee. Sorry kid! So after cleaning up the aftermath, the tike and I spent the rest of the afternoon like this:

Every time I tried to put him down he'd wake up crying in pain. For the love...I just hate seeing him cry and have tummy pains. I'm just glad he calms down when he lays on my chest. The power of a mother's heartbeat. (that's another post).

Dirty Diaper changed--check...finally!
Ok back to the post at hand...

So I was sitting watching tennis when all of the sudden I could hear geese flying over. I love that about where we live. They often fly over. I whipped out my phone and snapped these photos...beautiful!! 

What a backdrop the sky was! There is something relaxing and amazing about geese and their flying patterns. It was quite a large flock and several "V's" were formed. 

It was nice to relax, but it just wasn't the same without my compadre there. I think he feels the same way--for now!  I'm going to enjoy it!

So, 3 hours later I'm finally finishing this post. And in case you're to my ears--he finally "worked it out". We should be happy now for the next couple of hours! Time to find some dinner and get some air!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Going Private...

So, with the birth of our little dude I've been thinking...and the result is our blog will be going private. I didn't really post much before but I want to keep family and friends informed of our happenings. I could not mention our names or what to keep it as private as possible without making the official switch but I've already done the damage from the beginnings. Any suggestions? If not, let me know if you'd like to be invited to view our blog once it goes private. 

Like Father Like Son

Do you see the resemblance?
I love to see Ryan interact with G-man. There have been so many precious moments I've been able to catch of them together. Here are some for just a TASTE of my awesome life!

Sunday afternoon at our house...
LIKE FATHER... Ryan was pooped from a long week at work and a busy weekend at home doing yard work and helping out with the baby during the nights.
...LIKE SON Just give him a few years. It was hilarious that they were sleeping in the same exact position at the same time.
Man do I love these guys! Life couldn't get any better!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bath Time & a Father's Love

"Mommy's MVP" post-bath. 
I think we have a curly blond-haired little dude on our hands! We'll see...

Gavin is now 3 weeks old!! Crazy how time flies! Its amazing to see how he changes daily. When he was born he had tons of loose skin on his knees and now he has filled out--porker! He is definitely eating well. Gavin had his first pediatrician appointment at his 2 week check. He did great. I was so worried he'd cry but he was PERFECT! He got a clean bill of health so far! He weighed 8 lb. 4 oz., his height was 20 3/4 inches (for those of you actually paying attention to his stats he was supposedly 18.5 inches at birth, well there's no way he grew 2 inches in 2 weeks. Apparently they didn't measure very accurately when he was born or he didn't cooperate, but he gave them a good stretch at the doctor's office). He is in the 50% percentile for weight, 25th percentile for height and his head. That's what the doctor called WELL PROPORTIONED (for now). He is definitely a looker (yes I'm gloating he's my first born son). He turned quite a few of the nurses' heads. WATCH OUT!!

We gave him his first real bath yesterday. I was meaning to do it all week when he got the go ahead at his 2 week check, but I was busy spending time w/ my dear friend Emily and her son Brennan and I wanted Ryan to be there. So, he went a week without a bath (thank goodness daddy is so thorough with his diaper changes). Gavin loved the bath! He loved it so much he pooped in it! Yikes! We even got the action on video (it sounds like a fart). I didn't mind because he's had horrible gas or something digestive going on and so I wanted him to get it out, JUST GET IT OUT!! We are training him early to love music and so we played classical music for him during the bath. He really likes it. I couldn't get him to calm down one day and so I put him in the swing and that only worked temporarily, so I turned on "the music" and he went to sleep. Hallelujah!! He is really a great baby, just have to figure out what's causing him digestive pains. I think we're working it out (cross my fingers). 

This photos is so precious to me. I just can't believe how much my love for Ryan has grown overnight with the birth of Gavin. It is truly amazing and heaven sent. His love for Gavin is so amazing. I remember the first day Ryan came home from work being away from Gavin for the first time and he was so excited to see him and hold him. I couldn't hold back the tears as Ryan held him. Oh the power of A father's love!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Little Wizzer!

So Ryan has been changing all the diapers (except maybe 4). I've been amping up this weekend to prepare for his return to work. Well, he warned me to start cover the little guy's pistol (I know little dudes have quite the ammo--I changed little brothers' diapers), but for some reason when I went to change Gav's diaper this afternoon I decided to not listen to that wise advise. There's no way this little dude would do something like that to his mother, right? Right! Well, the diaper was off and I was just about to put the new one on and you would have thought a fire hydrant shot open. Whoa! That little gun went off with a bang. His newest nickname= Sharp Shooter. He's already been given multiple nicknames for his part down under but we'll save those for another time!!;). Good thing Gavin's so dang cute I couldn't help but laugh and wipe up all the pee! I definitely learned my lesson (until I get brave (or lazy) again).

Book Club

Need a good book to read? Check out my best friend Emily's blog and the her newly developed blogging book club. Her chosen book for April/May:


Can't wait to get started!! Let's just hope Gavin cooperates!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Gavin's Photo Debute

It may have taken the entire pregnancy and 3 days in the hospital to decide on his name, but we finally did it and he didn't have to leave the hospital without a name. (We finally decided an hour before discharge). Welcome to the world Gavin!

If you look closely you can see red bumps below his eyes. They call these speed bumps because he was delivered so quickly. I think I pushed two times is what Ryan said. From the beginning to end of when i was given the green light to push it 
was 10 minutes. We seem to be enlightened w/ nicknames for Gavin left and right. Thanks to the speed bumps Gavin has now been dubbed "Jet" for his speedy arrival.

He's such a good eater he
 was  back to his birth weight by day 4. Nurse said he's an overachiever. That was inevitable w/ Ryan as his daddy! His face is filling out and he's developing a double chin! Too cute!

Gavin is sporting a onesie that says, "Born in 2009". It was a gift from one of Ryan's patients at Willows PT at the daddy shower the girls in his office threw for him. They invited tons of previous patients and I think he said there were like 20 patients who came for cake and gifts. It was sure sweet. He felt pretty dang special! Thanks ladies!

We are so very happy for Gavin's addition to our family. We feel so blessed by Heavenly Father for his watchful care over us through this experience. What a blessing the power of the priesthood is. I couldn't have done this without the comfort of the Spirit and the confidence Ryan felt that all would be well. Tender mercies! We were so impressed w/ the care we received from the nurses and doctors at Feather River Hospital. We were so glad we decided to go there. We are so happy to be home and adjusting to life as parents. Its definitely a sacrifice well worth it! 
Let the journey begin!