Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dyson vs. Oreck

My apologizes to all you Dyson vacuum lovers. I had the hardest time deciding, but I finaly think I've figured out what's best for me... the Oreck! I couldn't even commit to one when we went to the store, so Ryan told me to just try out the Dyson since everyone seems to rave about it. So, we bought it at Costco so that I could easily return it if I wasn't happy. We went with the DC33. It weighs about 17 lbs and is a workhorse, that is no doubt.

It took me a month of testing both the Dyson DC33 and the Oreck XL out in our house, but I just hate how bulky the Dyson is, its weight and its too powerful of suction for my rugs. It would get stuck going up onto my area rugs and I'd have to lift it up over the lip. It couldn't fit under my kitchen cabinets it is so bulky. I love how the Oreck has such a small footprint, 2 speed settings that are switched up at the handle (not down on the floor) and it is so lightweight (9 lbs) it will be great for my hand problems and vacuuming upstairs and downstairs. Each had its + and - and it was so hard. I finally just had to bite the bullet and make a choice. Since making my choice I have heard that people either love or hate the Dyson. What about you? And my followup question is: Have you tried both the Oreck and Dyson?

I feel slightly naughty for not choosing the Dyson. I almost did, but I just think I'll be happier in the long run with the Oreck. At least I hope so. The only downside now is getting it tuned up each year which isn't required on the Dyson. You win some, you lose some.


  1. I have not tried the Oreck but I did have a Dyson vacuum salesperson at my house demonstrating the Dyson and I was not impressed. I am actually secretly in love with the much more expensive vacuums like the Silver King which is pretty much industrial and does wet and dry, lifetime guarantee, etc. etc. So if we were taking sides, I'd be on the hate dyson side--I think it's highly overrated! I'm so frugal it's hard for me to spend money on things we don't really need, but I think I'm working up to convincing myself that I need one of those mega vacuums some day! Vacuuming is actually my favorite chore around the house--I've got a thing for vacuums.

  2. you def can't get the dyson if you don't have the right floors for it.