Wednesday, January 16, 2008


So, here's a little picture story line of 2007 for me...

I started the year off giving notice as a paralegal (well actually my duties only reached as far as legal assistant, but I am a paralegal) at a family law firm to take a job at my dentist's office as a Concierge. He's a high end general dentist with an emphasis on restorative and asthetic dentistry. We just built a new building and it looks like a cathedral! Amazing place!

Then mid year Ryan and decided it was time to buy our first house. Looking back, we'd change things, we'd have waited a few months and bought something more modest, but we love our home. Having interior design as a major love of mine I fell in love with this house and love decorating! We have really been blessed to have this home. Plus its saving our bacon on income taxes!

The house is so colorful and I love it! It was a model home so they had already painted the majority of the walls. We loved all the choices. The only one I might do different is one of the bedrooms is green and I love the green but I'd like something more edgey. Oh and I'm eventually going to take done the pine cone wallpaper strip in the guest bathroom. It was a log cabin theme home. Yuck!
I love the color of our master bedroom walls! Its like a burnt red! I love the contrast with the black! I'm holding back on more decorating for now to save $$$.

fall.2007. This pic is on a street care in San Francisco. The gals behind me are co-workers. The blond is my partner in crime, Shelly, we manage the front desk together and the gal in the sunglasses is Sandy, she's been in dentistry a long time! Work has kept me busy! I took over marketing for Kremer Dental Care and am now both the Concierge and the Marketing Director. Its stressful, but rewarding. I love using my creative genius. I just celebrated my one year anniversary at work. Crazy its already been a year. I'm pretty much a dental goddess at this point! riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

pics from the caribbean!

Here we are on our cruise in the southern Caribbean. We were so fortunate to take this vacation. I don't think we'll be taking one like this again for a long time. Its time for a little shift in priorities! Well, we enjoyed ourselves and it went by too quickly! We were able to see Puerto Rico, Aruba, Bonaire, St. Kitts, St. Thomas, and Grenada. All beautiful places! I definitely want to go back to Puerto Rico!!! What a blast the trip was! Highly recommended!