Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Temporary: Decorating a Rental

So I'm guessing many who know me can imagine moving into a rental, instead of having a home I own just might be stressful and depressing since I won't be able to change and alter it the way I have my own home. Yes, it can be challenging, but I'm excited for the challenge! I've had my eye out for inspiration photos and ideas of ways to incorporate who I am and styles I love into our next home that are also transient and/or nomadic. Are either of those words actually meant to describe home decor? Well they are now! I've been so eager to just know what it is that we will be calling home. I have seen some great gems, some eye sores and some pretty standard builder grade homes. Honestly, I'd love a aged gem. I want something with character, but also something that doesn't have too much character (i.e. hideous 80s wallpaper, shag carpet, or walls and rooms that are every color of the rainbow). Speaking of colorful homes, ironically our home is quite colorful. We have a olive green office, pale yellow bedroom, red master bedroom, blue/grey living room, grey bathroom. That is partly because I didn't want to paint when we first moved in and then when I realized we wouldn't be here long-term I didn't want to paint. I'd love to get rid of that red bedroom. If we do rent out our house we may end up painting, but that will really stink because I didn't do it for myself but I will for renters. I'm pouting right about now!

While we're on the subject, how do you feel about colorful walls? If you were renting a house would you prefer white or neutral walls or be ok with color?

I'm personally hoping for white! A blank canvas so to speak. That way I can dictate the character and color palette myself. Here are some pics from pinterest that I've been thinking about. These are definitely on my list to add to our place as soon as we settle in!

Oversized black chalkboard. This one is made out of a large MDF panel. This is #1 on my list. I can't wait!

Source: google.com via Stacy on Pinterest

Temporary tape on walls to create abstract wallpaper. Room designed by Kelly Wearstler. Here's a link to a blog post by Jenny from Little Green Notebook. She used japanese masking tape to create a wallpaper effect.

Source: saraicat.tumblr.com via Stacy on Pinterest

Patterned roman shades and color in curtains verses color in walls and white drapes.

Source: libbiegrove.blogspot.com via Stacy on Pinterest

Colorful area rugs and pillows and bookcases!

And finally, for in the bedroom there is upholstered headboards and beds or bedding.

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What do you think? Any suggestions? How have you made a rental/temporary dwelling feel like home and take on your style?

Oh, and one more thing.... I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on renting a house, finding rentals. We've only rented apartments. Anything to watch for? Any ideas on how to find out about available or coming availability of homes sooner than 1-2 weeks out? It seems everything on Craigslist isn't posted until its available or a short while out. I want to find this beauty now and start planning our move date!!


  1. We used a realtor to find our rentals here (dc area). We found that there were just too many scams on craigslist and we ended up finding a great deal through our realtor. As a bonus, realtors are paid by the owners so it's free when you're the renter!

  2. The room designed by Kelly Wearsler is the one I want for my bedroom. She has a special sensitivity for details that I admire. LAst year I rented Buenos Aires real estate in my Argentina trip and the room there was designed by her, can you balieve it!

  3. Ask the people in the ward(s) of the area you are trying to move into. Having personal connection(s) helps out in the house hunt.