Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Creating" + Repurposing Clothes

So I've had some goals for 2012 on my mind. In fact, I wrote a lengthy post for the blog and still haven't published it. I guess I'm still trying to get a grasp on how this year might go. Wait, what do I know? 2011? Hello! Of course I have NO idea. Ok, I'll narrow down those goals soon, I guess I just need to figure out which will make the most difference for me and my family.

Well, the first I am definitely taking on has been in the works and is really a more broad goal. In 2012 I want to BE CREATIVE. I want to do more things to invoke and inspire my creative mind. Every time I step into the realm of "creating" I feel passion and excitement burn within me. I feel alive and I feel joy and happiness. I was reminded of this when reading a blog this morning. I came across this photo:

Lauren Moffatt (above) made her daughter’s dress from a women’s shirt from H&M.
photography by Kelly Stewart image via The Glow.

I have had that shirt. I bought it at H&M a while back and never wore it. I didn't try it on before I bought it mistake #1 especially because the closest store is 2+ hours away. Anyway, it didn't fit well and I'd have to wear a shirt underneath. It sat in my closet forever until I finally gave it to DI with the tags still attached (that doesn't happen very often). Well, then I saw this photo and I'm obviously kicking myself. How genius and cute! Well, at least it got me thinking. I ran to my room and started ravaging through my give away bag. I pulled out three pieces of clothing that have great prints and would be fun to turn in to adorable baby/girls clothing. It made me realize that I need to rethink and develop a more creative mind and look at how things can be repurposed instead of seeing their existence isolated to their current state. 

So, my desire to take sewing lessons and be able to do more than sew a straight stitch (which has limited me to making pillow covers). I love that it will feel like something new and it is definitely creative. As for what girl/baby will wear them, I don't know. I'll worry about that once I actually make some items. 

I plan on doing more "creating" in the kitchen this year! I'm still totally enamored with cooking and I want to get into it even more. I want to get more confident in my cooking skills and be able to move away from recipes and more into creative/thoughtful cooking. I want to be inventive and I think that will come with time and more experience in the kitchen. This dream/goal came a little late in life. I wish it had come before my Grandma passed away because she was a phenomenal cook and didn't need a recipe. I lost out on that gift from her, but maybe, just maybe she can teach me a thing or two from heaven. I hope my cooking makes her proud. 

I also want to continue trying my hand out with art. I want to learn more about acrylics and I want to start discovering watercolors. I absolutely love the creative zest that I feel when I paint! I'm not good at it yet, but I want to get to where I can create art I love for our home.

Other things I have on my mind to create in 2012: 

1. a baby, duh! 
2. a new beautiful home for our family using what we already have and only adding in some of the foundation pieces as we can afford them.
3. I want to create more musical opportunities for our family, to bring piano and music back into my life, maybe start teaching again if G and our family life permits it. I had to stop teaching piano this past fall because of G's needs/stage in life.
4. Lastly, I want to create more financial freedom for myself and my family. I have been praying to overcome my impulsive and emotional shopping problem and to free myself from that grasp I feel on me be spending and buying something because I like it and want it. I started out 2011 on a budget for these miscellaneous purchases and I did good for almost 3 months, but then Ryan left for his residency for 9 weeks and I caved and never got back to tracking my expenses and setting limits. 


  1. love it sis, I was searching for similiar things and found a dress made out of a men's shirt. Then I found a bag Elsie could make herself for groceries or other things. And another bag the boys could use from their old truck shirts. Isn't it fun! love ya

  2. I love your goal of being more creative in 2012! I often think of other things I could make with my giveaway clothes, but I don't sew very well. (Let's just say my sewn creations look adorable until I wash them and the stitches fall out!)

  3. Your post reminded me of a talk given by Pres. Uchtdorf to the RS in 2008: "The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. No matter our talents, education, backgrounds, or abilities, we each have an inherent wish to create something that did not exist before." I just love the new insights pres. Uchtdorf shares--he talked about how emulating God by being creative allows us to achieve the happiness that God experiences. Wow. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to create that I may increase my daily joy!

  4. I LOVE that striped dress!!! You are already so creative, I'm not sure you can increase there, but that's the beauty of creative people like yourself, you just get more and more creative!