Friday, January 20, 2012


So, its the latest craze, pinterest. In blog land this week I read that its being compared to crack and its addictive powers. Hum... I'm not gonna try that one out, I'll take their word for it. He he! Funny how things come and go with technology. Remember that social networking site pre-Facebook? I was thinking back on it and couldn't remember what it was called. Oh ya...MySpace. I wonder if it still exists. LOL! I should find out and delete my profile, if I still remember the password, oh gosh and I don't have that email account any more.

What are you thoughts on the matter? Does it have you sucked in? I have my days, but generally I don't go out doing searches so I'm only seeing the pins of those boards I've subscribed to. I also like to add new content instead of just endlessly clicking "repin" although I don't have a problem with that either.

I really try to only pin images I intend to actually apply in the real life world here. I've done pretty good about actually using recipes from my "food" board. I have only yet to actually delete 2 pins because I didn't care to make that recipe a second time. Others have become part of our favorites and I've made 3+ times already.

Another category I actually revisit and that is helpful is my "style" and "face" boards. I pin outfit combos and ideas and actually have duplicated or used some of the as inspiration for my own wardrobe. I do, however, feel very unoriginal with pinterest around. I guess though I have never claimed to be an original and I'm glad that it is there to help spark creativity and more imagination and change into my lame unoriginal mind.

The category I haven't used much of yet, but obsess over are those relating to home, interior design and decorating. There are quite a few of them. I drool over those interiors, someday! I blame it on the eventual move and thus my lack of desire to make changes to the current state of things. I'm excited to get use out of that one as soon as we set foot in Oregon! I have used it as a resource for blog material here on the ol' blog, as you know.

I also am looking forward to using my "words" board as a jumping off point for our next home. Ryan loves inspirational quotes and I want to have more of them around the house.

Lastly, I've been thinking about primary and secondary sources and college research papers. Lame I know, but I've been thinking about copyright and plagiarism and how it plays out on the world wide web these days. I just read on Pinterest's Etiquette that you should site original sources. Hah that doesn't happen hardly ever. I pledge to do better, especially when I reference it here on the blog instead of being lazy and such.

So the big question of the day is:

Do you actually use any of the pins in your everyday life? Or are they just eye candy that you see once and never see again? What have been some of your favorite pins?

Are you totally ok with being "addicted" and wasting endless hours? I definitely find myself clicking that link at the top of my browser that takes me straight to pinterest land. Its just so purdy and idealistic isn't it! I'll leave it at that and be back soon with a spiritual take on this thing called pinterest, after I put myself to the test!! Oh boy!

Please, share your thoughts with me!

*pinterest logo used with permission.


  1. I love pinterest! In my busy crazy life, it is nice to have an online spot for all the things I come across and what to keep track of! I have tried (and loved) several recipes. I have a "Home" board and pin inspiration for our home. It is neat to look at it and see the style, colors, and patterns that catch my eye.
    I'm enjoying following your pins!

    1. You know I've been packing and come across so many magazines I've saved and files with pages torn out. I only think I've got back to them once or twice. I love having a digital version of that because its so much more accessible and convenient. I want to try adding more "new" content too and maybe start scanning those torn pages in and pinning them. We will see! Thanks for following me, I'm enjoying seeing yours too and repining them!

  2. That's a great idea! Good luck with all your packing!

  3. I'm like you... I usually only look at the pins of those I subscribe to. I love to use it to pin ideas that I find on blogs that I follow. And I try to only pin ideas that I really think I'll use... especially recipes. I have found a lot of keepers that my family loves now! It has helped me to come up with other ideas (decorating, food, crafts) as I see what others have come up with.

  4. I am obsessed with pinterest. I think when I got started I wasn't as focused a "pinner," but now I'm a little more selective about it. I should probably pin more practical things (like recipes), but I'm like you- I'm a sucker for good interior design. I figure if I make a note of why I liked a certain room, it will come in handy someday when I'm designing my dream home. And of course some things are useful now too. I may not try out everything I pin, but I feel like I do try lots of things I normally wouldn't because of pinterest. I like it way more than Facebook.

  5. i know pinterest is very addicting which is why i only get on there when i am actually LOOKING for something in particular. right now, it's ideas for our banisters, which are COMPLETELY not up to code! i'm with you-- i like having a digital way to save all these ideas instead of piles of magazines!