Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Resting Place

Just shy of 3 months old, we finally moved the little guy into his very own room. You know what that means...the unveiling! It was technically unveiled at his baby shower, but I've added some more touches and now that he's here I'll share it with the rest of the world. Interior design/decorating is my favorite passion. Its my most developed hobby these days. I had a so much fun putting together this room and most of that fun came from recycling, reusing and repurposing things we already had or were given from friends and family. So, indulge me for a moment...I hope you enjoy the pics (and yes I did mess with exposures and what not so some are a little over exposed).

His resting place...(does that sound morbid?). We were given this crib by some friends. It was originally oak color and we painted it black. The Van Gogh painting was something Ryan had pre-marriage and its been used in several different settings in our different homes. I made a bird mobile for Gavin and so far, its a hit. The bedding is custom made by me, my mom, and mother-in-law. I love it! You can't see the pattern in the lime green fabric, but I love it! 

(Above) View of the changing pad, necessities and one of the few "custom" pieces of "art" in Gavin's room. There was a small built-in desk in this room that I thought at first would be annoying but it has worked out great for changing table and someday the little tike's own desk! 

(Below) Rocking chair from WalMart (I couldn't bear to spend $$$ on the rocking recliner or gliders), pillow I already had, clouds (white paper lanterns) we already had that were just chillin' in closet, tree/bird decal from TJMaxx (the best store on this planet--may end in my demise), birds flying in clouds (online), curtains (I made all by myself!!), curtain rod (recycled-it was white from old apartment and we painted it black).   

(Above and below) These are essentially the same shots but I couldn't decide which I liked better. I'm actually going to submit photos of Gavin's room to Apartment Therapy. I love love love that website and spent hours on end (literally) figuring out what I was going to do for Gavin's room. They have a whole site within theirs dedicated to kid/baby rooms. So, if you need tips I highly recommend them. In this photo the dresser was actually Ryan's and was at his parent's house. It was a natural wood color and we (actually Grandpa Beck) painted it black. I changed out the knobs to a pewter color to make it look more modern. The lamp, plant and vase are from Target (my home away from home--I had to go, even risked Gavin getting sick day 2 days after discharge from the hospital. You bet it as soon as I walked in the doors I sighed and all the worries of the day melted away (no joke!). More of my "custom artwork". I made these up one morning when I decided walls were too bare. I want to do this more with some other themes. I just need more places to decorate. Any takers? The frames are from Ikea. I had them from pre-marriage and they'd been taking up space in our closets. I used scrapbook paper and traced the bird cutouts from Gavin's mobile and viola!! I think they really finished off the room. 

(Below) View of room as you enter from hallway. I still want to add a bird/branch decal to his window and maybe a planter outside the window with flowers so he has something more than a fence to look at. Bird feeder possibly? I am so glad I decided to paint the ceiling. It was a big debate and the guy at the paint store tried to steer me away from it. Definitely not something to do all the time but I think it works here and I love to lay on the floor w/ Gavin and imagine looking up into the sky. This picture most accurately reflects the actual colors on the wall and ceiling. We only painted two walls yellow and left the other two off white. The yellow is called "lemoncello" kind of like lemon ice. The ceiling is a slight turquoise blue. The colors do change throughout the day based on the type of lighting in the room.

Now, dare you say this is not a "boyish" room, well bite your tongue. I went for a gender neutral room so that it can remain a nursery for our next child. (Not even considering it, just thinking ahead to our future and hoping to expand our family). Plus, they say its more for the parents than the child and that is totally true! Ryan loved it so much at first that he wanted it for his room. I offered to let him take it and Gavin would bunk with me!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Vacations, Parties and a Blessed Child

Life has been busy to say the least. I really don't even have time to post this. Gavin has been on overload the past 5 days and so I've finally had to deal with a "crying baby". I lost it quick! Thanks to a loving husband by my side and the 5 S's from Dr. Harvey Karp in "Happiest Baby on the Block" we are making it through. He is still the most adorable little guy. He is learning all about his hands and smiling more than ever. You can sure tell his little brain is developing! You know what that means--lots of good moments and memories cuddling him in my arms. Everyone says enjoy it now because sooner than I know he won't want to cuddle and he'll be off playing.

So, here is what we've been up to:

The G-man had his first trip to Santa Cruz. I think he really liked it, except the windy beach time on day 2. He was such a good boy. We had a nice time eating tons of lemon drop, peanut butter, Dr. Midnight and snickerdoodle cookies from Pacific Cookie Company (THE Best cookie store on the planet--so good Ryan orders them online for me a couple times a year).  We also ate dinner at one of my favorite upscale mexican restaurants El Palomar Restaurant in downtown. SO YUMMY and the best atmosphere. Kinda like Tres Hombres but WAY better!!! We kept up with Beck family traditions with breakfast at Zachary's, and touring the O'Neill shops at Capitola and downtown, however we didn't get to pizza at the great Tony & Alba's. I really liked Pizza My Heart when we were there last year and so Ryan, being the sweetheart he is let us go there (actually we went twice). Its pizza by the slice and oh so very YUMMY!! I love a little of everything so it was just my style! We are pizza fanatics!!! The weather was cloudy most the trip but that didn't bother us a bit. The only problem was when we tried to head out to the beach before leaving since the sun had decided to come out. Well Mr. Wind came along for the ride too and spoiled what seemed would have been paradise. It would have been fine but with a 2 month old it spelled disaster. We packed up quick and got out. We did have one nice day on the beach for a short while, enjoying the breeze and reading. I can't wait for Gavin to enjoy digging in the sand and all that fun stuff. We took some nice walks enjoying views of Cowell's Beach (sorry Papa Beck for not surfing this trip hope we didn't let you down), Steamer Lane, and Pleasure Point. So, so relaxing!! I love the ocean! 

Pleasure Point in Capitola

Santa Cruz Beach
A week ago things got really busy. My brother Brent graduated from high school, then the next day Ryan's sister, Kristin had her baby shower, and then Sunday we had Gavin's baby blessing. Needless to say Gavin was pretty partied out after that weekend! Well, he was a doll and everyone enjoyed holding him, which became the trend that weekend. I'm not too sure that Gavin enjoyed it as much as everyone else did. As a result I get to try and re-establish order in his life now. We're handling it and I'm glad to be at home with peace and quiet again (not for long).

Gavin not too sure about hanging out with all the ladies at his Aunt Kristin's baby shower. 

Literally looking up to his Uncle Brent.

My youngest brother Brent graduated from high school. He was valedictorian and basically stole the show. 

Gavin on his blessing day--what a cutie! Ryan did an awesome job and Gavin didn't make a peep! I'm so grateful that Ryan is a worthy priesthood holder and is willing to bless our family with the priesthood. I feel like a very lucky lady!

Gavin seems like such a little man and he seems giant size compared to babies his age or even older than him that I have a hard time thinking of him as only 3 months old. Time is sure flying by!!!

So, if you made it through this post, CONGRATS!! It's a book! Just haven't taken or had the time to post. Next week we leave for Utah! The fun just doesn't stop!