Saturday, January 14, 2012


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We're visiting Oregon this weekend, Eugene to be more specific. Its crazy because its the first time we have been here and known that it will be our "home". It really hasn't set in. On the drive up here Ryan turns to me and said, "I'm homesick." Me too! We were only a mere 4 hours into the drive and ready to turn back (and we are only gone 3 days). Then there is the part of me that is excited! New city to discover, more services for G, more dining choices, closer proximity to shopping and schools, and most importantly, Ryan's new professional opportunities, the reason for the move. The traffic here is awesome! Even their 5 o'clock traffic is easily manageable. I haven't gotten my bearings straight yet, can't tell you which way is north and that is something I usually NEVER have a problem with. There are more freeways to figure out (2-3, versus 1) and honestly the most frustrating thing about this trip has been our darn GPS. We wrote down a list of homes to scout out and we seriously went all over the valley! It took us all over and through more back roads and away from freeways (the most direct route). I miss the good ol' days of maps, kind of.

After 3 unsuccessful stops we found a 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. It was my first time and I have to say I enjoyed it and actually think maybe the burger was better than In-n-Out's burger but nope, only because of the spread at In-n-Out. I am a spread/sauce freak so that won out. I did looooooove their fries and ate way too many, but then again they left me desiring my 2 packets of spread to dip those lovelies into. So, #1 NOT on the list of restaurants/stores in Eugene is In-n-Out. Boo hoo, sigh! Another reason to visit home though!

The trip only took us 6 hours. It could have been a little shorter sans the short stop to eat at Subway in Medford. It was, however, done without G in tow so that changes things but I'm hoping it won't really. With him it has often taken us 6 1/2 or 7 hours because we end up sitting down at a diner or little nicer place other than Subway, but I want to get good at quick stops. I also didn't need a potty break other than Medford so that was VERY exciting! Its amazing how your body can finally heal up and improve after childbirth when it get 3 years instead of cramming those babies in closer together. (Hey I've got to find the blessings in delayed babies somehow!)

Well, we are off to scour the rental scene, which is bleak and depressing. I had way to many disappointments and then some birthday shopping for my dad that in which I came out empty handed as well. I told Ryan that I don't take walking out of a place/store empty handed well. It is depressing. So, I insisted that we had to go to the mall. Did I mention I'm trying to break that shopping problem this year. Yep. Not good! Fortunately I felt very content as I walked through and perused the stores. I didn't have really any desire. Awesome! We'll see how long this lasts for. I'm having to pray my little heart out to resist, but I know the Lord will help me to focus more of my life on the things that really matter. I did, however, snatch up a little bright goodies at the MAC counter in Macy's.

I found this image on pinterest and its been on my mind ever since. I needed some orangey-red goodness! If only I would have felt more glamorous walking out of the department store if I didn't have fuzzy teeth from forgetting my toothbrush at home. Yuck! Thankfully we found one on clearance at Albertson's for 67 cents. Bargain! Oh and did I mention the high here finally got to like 48 degrees, but it stayed in the 30s for more of the morning/early afternoon? Sometime during the frigid hours I heard Ryan mumble something like, "Now I know how the pioneers felt!" I laughed and then we obviously reminded each other this was NOTHING like what they experienced, but when the average temps at home this January have been in the 70s, 40 degrees colder is brutal!

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  1. Oh man!!! Exciting times!

    Five guys is the burger I've been searching for my ENTIRE life:):):) little cheeseburger all the way with Cajun fries, fry sauce, and a soda. YUM:)