Saturday, October 29, 2011

for the love of art

So I picked up the painting (originally posted about here) this week and when I got it home I realized I hadn't established a place for it. So, I ended up starting on a gallery wall in our dining room that I've been debating over for months and gave up on since we're moving to Oregon. I figure this way I use some of the pieces of art I've been collecting instead of it sitting in closets. As for the empty frame in the middle, I'm going to DIY something in black and white abstract I think this week. I'm excited! The yellow and green abstract on the right is one of my own works as well. It's an original! LOL! I am definitely no artist but I am loving painting. It is so relaxing and really gets my creative juices flowing. I was supposed to take a second acrylic painting course in September but the class was cancelled. Hopefully I can pick up on some more courses in Eugene. I absolutely love the significance and meaning behind the Large Horse, Small Rider painting! Love it!


  1. ooooooooh! i am LOVING that gallery wall! i have had one in the works for a long time now, but haven't had the guts to commit to the design. maybe yours will motivate me to take the plunge and do it! when do you leave for eugene?

  2. Thanks Meredith! You know it came together pretty easily this time, but know that's not the case all the time. I have some additional photos on my iphone with the steps from start to finish. I laid them on the floor to figure out the setup first and then took a picture for reference. I also traced the frames and hanging holes on packing paper and hung those first with painter's tape and nailed right into it like I've seen recommended on blogs. It totally worked and was less stressful even though it took a little more time. I didn't have to make endless wholes in my wall getting them just right. We are planning to move the end of February. I just want it to be here so we can move forward. I'm already dreaming of all the stuff I'll get to do to spruce of a rental house. It will take creativity I'm sure. The area we want to live in is older but worth it because its close to the river and biking/running trails and downtown. So excited but uneasy about leaving all of our family!

  3. Gallery wall is incredible. Makes me want to go buy a small table to do something with myself. What is your exact move date?