Saturday, November 19, 2011

gallery wall update: children's art


Once you're a parent you quickly begin accumulating your children's art. I love it! Yes, these days between art time during daily intervention, art time during playgroup, and art time at the library, we are accumulating mass amounts! That doesn't even include when he requests to color during our free time at home. Yes, I admit some goes in the trash. Gavin is a little delayed in his fine motor skills so he still does large circles, but I love seeing the work as it progresses and he learns and improves his skills. As I mentioned before here, I was intending to create some more of my own art to fill in the center frame, but then when I sat down to start it, I realized that it was the perfect spot for some of G's works of art. I have been saving some and it worked out perfect. My trick is to choose the colors f paint or markers he uses and then let him go to work. That way it works with my color palette, which is all over the board these days it seems. The artwork can easily be changed out in the future too because you know there will be more of that! I love having his works displayed as part of the gallery. Its a mash up for sure! I've also already switched out some of the art until it feels right or I want a little change. Here are some other examples I've found of displaying children's art.

Source: via Stacy on Pinterest

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