Friday, April 3, 2009

Gavin's Photo Debute

It may have taken the entire pregnancy and 3 days in the hospital to decide on his name, but we finally did it and he didn't have to leave the hospital without a name. (We finally decided an hour before discharge). Welcome to the world Gavin!

If you look closely you can see red bumps below his eyes. They call these speed bumps because he was delivered so quickly. I think I pushed two times is what Ryan said. From the beginning to end of when i was given the green light to push it 
was 10 minutes. We seem to be enlightened w/ nicknames for Gavin left and right. Thanks to the speed bumps Gavin has now been dubbed "Jet" for his speedy arrival.

He's such a good eater he
 was  back to his birth weight by day 4. Nurse said he's an overachiever. That was inevitable w/ Ryan as his daddy! His face is filling out and he's developing a double chin! Too cute!

Gavin is sporting a onesie that says, "Born in 2009". It was a gift from one of Ryan's patients at Willows PT at the daddy shower the girls in his office threw for him. They invited tons of previous patients and I think he said there were like 20 patients who came for cake and gifts. It was sure sweet. He felt pretty dang special! Thanks ladies!

We are so very happy for Gavin's addition to our family. We feel so blessed by Heavenly Father for his watchful care over us through this experience. What a blessing the power of the priesthood is. I couldn't have done this without the comfort of the Spirit and the confidence Ryan felt that all would be well. Tender mercies! We were so impressed w/ the care we received from the nurses and doctors at Feather River Hospital. We were so glad we decided to go there. We are so happy to be home and adjusting to life as parents. Its definitely a sacrifice well worth it! 
Let the journey begin!


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, i'm so excited to see you guys!!!! how cute, in the 6 day old pic i thought he looked totally like ryan, but i'll have to see him in person, oh wait, i get to in a week! to really make sure b/c the other pics just look like a good mix.

    p.s. i know you're NOT busy or anything but where is my dang button on your blog;-)

  2. p.s. who made the cute blue knitted hat? darling

  3. Congratulations, Ryan and Stacy! Gavin is adorable! I'm glad all is well and that you are adjusting nicely to life as new parents. It's a lot of fun!
    Love, Sarah (Ryan's cousin)

  4. Congrats you guys, he is adorable! I think that he looks like his grandpa Beck. Hope you are recovering well and enjoying that little guy.

  5. congrats you two. You made one good look'n little boy!

  6. He's adorable! I love his sweet dark eyes. Congratulations and best wishes for a little sleep here and there in the next while! Having a baby is a life-changing miracle and I'm very excited for you!