Saturday, April 4, 2009

Little Wizzer!

So Ryan has been changing all the diapers (except maybe 4). I've been amping up this weekend to prepare for his return to work. Well, he warned me to start cover the little guy's pistol (I know little dudes have quite the ammo--I changed little brothers' diapers), but for some reason when I went to change Gav's diaper this afternoon I decided to not listen to that wise advise. There's no way this little dude would do something like that to his mother, right? Right! Well, the diaper was off and I was just about to put the new one on and you would have thought a fire hydrant shot open. Whoa! That little gun went off with a bang. His newest nickname= Sharp Shooter. He's already been given multiple nicknames for his part down under but we'll save those for another time!!;). Good thing Gavin's so dang cute I couldn't help but laugh and wipe up all the pee! I definitely learned my lesson (until I get brave (or lazy) again).


  1. you guys need to get a pee pee tee pee, they are awesome and catch the pee everytime you can find them online or at motherhood maternity!

  2. haha, yes we always had washclothes right by. they worked great, but i always ended up getting lazy. the poor little guy rarely peed on me...only on his own face!!! oh it was so sad. the pee would puddle in his eyes and get in his nose and mouth. all i could do was laugh. poor little guy!