Monday, April 20, 2009

Bath Time & a Father's Love

"Mommy's MVP" post-bath. 
I think we have a curly blond-haired little dude on our hands! We'll see...

Gavin is now 3 weeks old!! Crazy how time flies! Its amazing to see how he changes daily. When he was born he had tons of loose skin on his knees and now he has filled out--porker! He is definitely eating well. Gavin had his first pediatrician appointment at his 2 week check. He did great. I was so worried he'd cry but he was PERFECT! He got a clean bill of health so far! He weighed 8 lb. 4 oz., his height was 20 3/4 inches (for those of you actually paying attention to his stats he was supposedly 18.5 inches at birth, well there's no way he grew 2 inches in 2 weeks. Apparently they didn't measure very accurately when he was born or he didn't cooperate, but he gave them a good stretch at the doctor's office). He is in the 50% percentile for weight, 25th percentile for height and his head. That's what the doctor called WELL PROPORTIONED (for now). He is definitely a looker (yes I'm gloating he's my first born son). He turned quite a few of the nurses' heads. WATCH OUT!!

We gave him his first real bath yesterday. I was meaning to do it all week when he got the go ahead at his 2 week check, but I was busy spending time w/ my dear friend Emily and her son Brennan and I wanted Ryan to be there. So, he went a week without a bath (thank goodness daddy is so thorough with his diaper changes). Gavin loved the bath! He loved it so much he pooped in it! Yikes! We even got the action on video (it sounds like a fart). I didn't mind because he's had horrible gas or something digestive going on and so I wanted him to get it out, JUST GET IT OUT!! We are training him early to love music and so we played classical music for him during the bath. He really likes it. I couldn't get him to calm down one day and so I put him in the swing and that only worked temporarily, so I turned on "the music" and he went to sleep. Hallelujah!! He is really a great baby, just have to figure out what's causing him digestive pains. I think we're working it out (cross my fingers). 

This photos is so precious to me. I just can't believe how much my love for Ryan has grown overnight with the birth of Gavin. It is truly amazing and heaven sent. His love for Gavin is so amazing. I remember the first day Ryan came home from work being away from Gavin for the first time and he was so excited to see him and hold him. I couldn't hold back the tears as Ryan held him. Oh the power of A father's love!


  1. love the pictures so much!!! you are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! we miss you guys already!

  2. Gavin is so dang cute! I can't belive you have a little boy, it's so crazy to think you are a mom!!

    Miss ya tons!