Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Kid is Lactose Intolerant

"Diarrhea, Diarrhea!"

There, I said it. I was trying to think of how to start this post, even tried coming up with some PC way of bringing up this topic but all that could come to my mind was the Diarrhea Song. Well, unfortunately for me any amount of respect I had from my mother I have now lost once she reads this post. 

So on that topic, we have been battling with this little problem for too long. I really want it gone because when G is finally ready to potty train it will be a NIGHTMARE!! I have to talk with the doctors more and probably take a sample. I don't want to do that, but the specialist said it should be addressed. My thoughts are it is either caused by dairy, tomatoes, or chocolate. We can get a solid poo out of the kid once in a while but it never lasts for more than a day or two. His diet is already so limited because he's a restrictive eater I don't want to take anything else out. We finally got him to eat pizza and I'd hate for that to be taken out since R and I love pizza. We tried a GFCF diet to help with it and saw some improvement but when we added gluten back in nothing changed so we have only kept out dairy products. G drinks rice milk exclusively. We stopped feeding him yogurt and have avoided cheese in his diet as well. The main problem is with ice cream. He loves it and we love it and you just can't say no to Prince Pucklers on a hot summer day! No way! And what about birthday parties? I can't make that sacrifice. If he was allergic maybe, but according to blood work done a year ago he has no milk allergy. We are assuming its an intolerance and I sure hope it doesn't stick around. Children with autism tend to consistently battle diarrhea. Some have opinions about leaky gut syndrome but I don't think that the research supports that. My doctor's take was that since I could get solid results from G on the BRAT diet (which I put him on when it was at its worst last summer and causing sores on his bum) that it was more of certain foods being the culprit. 

Any suggestions or experience with milk/lactose intolerances? How do you deal with having to avoid certain foods when you are dining out? Would/Do you give it up yourself for the sake of your child? 


  1. Hey girl. Both my kids are lactose Intolelrant. Check the ingredients in his foods, as he may have more of a cows protien allergy (which is really what my kids have). I have to make sure the foods they eat do not contain milk, cheese, whey, casein, or ANY form or dairy. For parties I bring a small thing of sorbet. My kids like the raspberry flavor. prosicles are a nice treat to.

    But I really do have to pay attention to everything they eat. before I take them to a restaurant I go online to see if their foods (for example the pizza dough) is made with milk. You would be surprised what even spaghetti sauces contain cheese. If I'm in doubt I order a grilled chicken and fruit.

    you might even try childrens probotics for him.

    If you want to call me at 832-257-6117 I can explain a little more what I do with them.

  2. we don't do dairy at our house, but we love coconut milk or almond milk on cereal (and for cooking) and coconut milk ice cream is SOOOOOOOOO good! he doesn't have to feel like he is missing out!