Wednesday, August 29, 2012

my birthday + chico

I tried convincing myself that maybe I should try and go more than a couple of months in between visits home to my family in California. We moved to Oregon the end of February and our first trip home was in mid-April for my brother Brent's mission homecoming. Then G and I made a trip down the end of June to spend a week with my family and visit with Ryan's family as well (Ryan stayed home to pay the bills, bless his heart). So, two months later we are at it again, this time Ryan is making the trek with us. I decided there is just no way I can go until Thanksgiving which would be 5 months! This was part of the reason we looked for our new home where we did so we could still go home and have family visit regularly. Oh and did I mention my parents had just been out to visit the week before I drove to CA and Ryan's parents came to visit less than 3 weeks after we came back from CA. We love our family and I thank God regularly that we can be blessed with the work and opportunities we have here in Eugene and still only live 6-7 hours from family.

So, I am excited!! We are turning the labor day weekend into a 4 day trip to CA. It won't be easy getting there because we're gonna leave Friday night after work but it will be worth it. Saturday is my birthday. I'll be 31 and for some reason I was looking forward to 30 but 31 seems soooooo much older. Maybe its from all the "excitement" of this past year. I am still very excited for my 30's because I can't wait for my family to grow and experience life with my children. Its so much more fulfilling (note to self: remind myself of this when I have my tough days and pine for the first years of marriage when we could do anything and go anywhere). Thankfully those days don't come very often and they end quickly.

What's on the calendar for this weekend you might wonder?

  • My parents are hosting a birthday bbq and swim Saturday afternoon.
  • I coaxed my mom into help me sew a table skirt/cover for our dresser that is standing in as a media console. I'm doubling it as interior decor obsession and young women's personal progress project. 
  • Croquet (I have fond memories of playing it as a teenager and young adult with my siblings and I have been wanting to play all summer. This time around I'm gonna try and not cheat though and be a gracious loser winner. 
  • Lots of swimming in 90 degree weather (we have had only one solid week of 90+ degree weather here in Eugene. Great for all aspects of life other than swimming since my body requires both warm water and warm weather).
  • My sister asked if G could have a sleepover at her house Saturday night and after serious consideration I decided I would oblige her! :)
  • No G = DATE NIGHT!!! We have had a heck of a time finding babysitters here in Eugene (in fact have yet to have any luck, sucks!) and so date nights have been a rare thing for us. We are considering a food date where we'll hit up all our Chico fav's and eat our way around town!! Eugene is seriously lacking in the mexican food department like big time!!! It's a crime really! 
  • for G and date night for us (considering a food date night where we eat small portions at all our fav chico spots), more swimming, family, and 90 degree weather to make swimming enjoyable! 
  • Bidwell park and Caper Acres. G can't stop talking about going to the park with Grandma and Uncle Davin. 
  • Late night talks with the parents
Can't wait!! Can't wait!! Can't wait!! (did I mention I Can't Wait! ?)

So, what are you fav places to eat and things to do when you head back home to Chico?

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