Wednesday, May 23, 2012

blog stalking and traffic

The other day a new friend mentioned that she loved my blog and is now "blog stalking" me. I was surprised but glad to know that people actually do read it, especially people that I know! I rarely get comments so I have no idea if the content of my blog is enjoyable, useful, and/or motivating. That is my hope, but I do not claim to be eloquent or whitty with words so I am probably more of just an average blogger who is putting herself and her life out there for the rest of the world to either appreciate or judge. I digress. After my post today, I decided to check out my traffic and I found a new visitor. I decided to click on the link and came across a post they had done on children's art. As I scrolled through the post I came across this photo. MY PHOTO. Its taken from a post I did last year on displaying children's art. I put one of G's in the gallery wall I did in our dining room back in CA. It was a nice little moment realizing that someone appreciated my efforts and attempts at decorating and blogging (although not enough to give me credit).

What are your views on giving credit to photos that aren't your own? I've been trying to do better but with the internet it seems very hard to find the actual original source because people just post on their blogs and don't give credit to source. 

What about children's art? You a fan of displaying it in other places than just on your fridge? I'm sure you're kids are (mishaps on couches, walls, tables). I'd love to see what you've done! 

Are you a blog stalker? I have tried to do better about commenting but then I get insecure and think that my comments don't really matter. True story. I write them and then delete instead of posting! Happens every time.


  1. Eek! Am I your new friend who will be stalking? It's possible. I think I did post a comment...then was kinda hanging in the background waiting for your next awesome idea. We just moved into our rental house 1 week ago and I'm working on making it OUR house, so enjoyed your posts!

    I think that credit should be given when using other peoples' photos, yes. It's quick and easy to do on a blog, and it shows that they appreciate the hard work you did!

    I have a blog as well, and rarely get comments, although when I talk to people, they always tell me that they've been reading it.

    Maybe this is our pact: let's comment more!

    1. ah! No Sarah you are not that friend and I don't mind blog stalkers at all! I am a professional blog stalker! I am glad people are reading, I just don't realize it. This blog is really for me, I love writing and documenting, but I love sharing too. Welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting. I'd love to check out your blog too!

  2. I love your blog and wanted you to know I read it and check it often (I'm just bed at leaving comments).

  3. I try to leave comments because I love when folks leave comments on mine! I agree with you, it's always nice when a friend says " I saw that on your blog!" And I think, "Wow, People really take time to read it! Yippee!"

    I think the blogger should have given you credit. It is your photograph and when it is posted on someone elses blog with no credit, it looks like their work/idea. I think it's important to play nice. I always leave a name and link when I post items from someone else.

    Welcome back!

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    2. Thanks Elizabeth! It feels good to be back blogging.