Thursday, May 24, 2012

jengaba: g's ramblings

G is a fan of music and earlier this week he was singing some of his favorite songs from preschool. One of the songs they sing is the good-bye song. I heard him naming off his school friends and then all of the sudden there was a new "friend". Meet "jengaba". Who is the "jengaba"? I have NO IDEA! G has been singing, "Good bye Jengaba, good bye Jengaba." Whenever I ask G who this mystery person is, he just laughs and says it more. So, I decided to find out more. I asked him if Jengaba is an animal or a person. He said, "animal". Then I asked if J is a boy or a girl. G said, "boy". That's about as far as I got for now. So we know that Jengaba is a boy! That's our first clue. On no now I have imagined I'm playing Blue's Clues. I need a break.

In addition to Jengaba, G has been coming up with some other odd names/phrases. His favorite is Bo-dingo-ding. He usually uses it when he's upset at me. I expanded on it the other day saying "mom-bo-dingo-ding". He thought it was hilarious! So then he said, "dad-bo-dingo-ding". And it was the beginning of our own secret language, although I fear most might figure it out pretty quick (I mean a 3 year old did).

Speaking of secret languages. Remember Pig Latin? Ya I never figured it out as a kid and my friends would speak it in front of me. I blame them for ALL of my insecurities. I just know they were gossiping about me every time! 

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