Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Family Photo 2012

It seems we have zero family photos. Maybe one a year. We need to do better. Much better! There are a few more of me and g, hardly any of me and r, a good amount of r and g, and tons of g by himself.

This photo is from our first trip back home since moving to Oregon. I love our little family!

What is the tally of photos in your family these days? I don't want to feel like I've constantly got my camera (iphone these days) out, I just want to live life and capture it that way. But then I don't have anything to look back at and I seem to have a fading and horrible memory.


  1. i'm bad about hopping in photos myself but i have tons of the girls! we need to get better about family photos as well. it's not my favorite to always bring my camera around, but since i can't afford to have my own personal photographer follow us around to take shots, i make it work! :)

  2. You guys look so cute! We don't have any family photos either, such a shame! i have tons of the kids, but none of us all together. We'd better take one when we bless Chase just so we have one all together b/c i don't think we've taken any since having him where all of us are together. beautiful fam stacy! talked to dolly yesterday and we were saying how much we wish the three of us could all get together again:)