Monday, July 27, 2009

photo op

photo taken by Stacy Beck July 2009 (minimal cropping, color contrast enhancing)

I've been dabbling in photography for the past few months since we invested in the Nikon D60. I love the camera and I really know nothing about it. So, with trial and error and an amateur eye, I've been trying my stuff. I am really loving it--both trying to take great shots and the photo editing. There is something exciting about taking a photo and it being almost exactly what you were imagining in your head without having to edit. So, with my interest peaked I'm searching for a mentor or some classes I can take. There are some through the local community college but with a little infant I'm hesitant to commit so much time and energy right now in my life to the formal class (2 days a week for 2 1/2 hours plus travel time of 1 hour each way). Any suggestions? Any good textbooks or things that could get me going until I have the time to commit?

If you haven't seen this photos in my recent posts, here are some of the ones I've received props for:

photo taken by Stacy Beck July 2009 (adjusted exposure, color, cropped, and straightened or actually off center in this case.)

photo taken by Stacy Beck July 2009 (minimal cropping, contrast and exposure)

photo taken by Stacy Beck July 2009 (exposure, color contrast, and exposure, minimal cropping)

photo taken by Stacy Beck April 2009 (black & white, cropped,pre- D60)

So far, my tricks have been taking the shots at different angles and never dead center. I also try to include the surroundings or background into the shot and not just the person I'm photographing. I think the way a photo is cropped does so much for it. In lots of Gavin's photos I've actually cropped off his forehead and when you see the two side by side before and after I think it makes all the difference in the result, but what do I know I'm an amateur. 


  1. Hey Stacy! Great shots! I especially love that first one! I took a class at a community college when I was prego w/ Lincoln. I already knew a little about exposure (meaning shutter speed, aperture, and ISO and how they work together) and the biggest things I learned from the class a) were rules of composition (which you can totally google and learn everything they taught in class), and b) the best way to learn is to just take a TON of pictures and try out different things.
    Two blogs that I have found really helpful are and Iheartfaces has lots of tutorials you can look up.
    One I recently heard about that I haven't had time to check out is and I heard that recently did a series on photography.
    I could spend all day doing this stuff!

  2. so, how do you like the D60? why did you choose it over all the other ones out there? i'm camera shopping right now and there are just too many choices!

  3. I love that picture of Reese! That totally sums up our summer! You are so sweet and I am glad you like the blanket! Taking pictures of little ones is so fun and a great hobby! I have heard great things about an online class given by Wendy Schultz from friends and friends of friends. She usually has a wait list (another good sign) and she is a little pricey but it could be worth it! Thanks again for having us over and hope to see you again soon!

  4. so cute! you're on your way to a little business, i can just feel it!