Monday, July 27, 2009

4 months...

4 months old

Today Gavin celebrated 4 months in this wonderful world and in the greatest family possible!!
Here's a look at the little man himself...

... at 4 months Gavin is: holding his head up like a champ, still only rolling to one side and has made it to his stomach once (Ryan says so), He is smiling like crazy and giggling a bit, He loves to jump and jive to the song Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree, He is sleeping 10 hours a night most nights, he poops only every other day (I know you were wondering) which makes diaper changes super easy, He loves cuddling with his silky blankets and his luv luv buddy named Fritz, he loves baths (especially laying in the big tub so he can kick and splash), he is very aware of everything going on around him, and his drooling has kicked up a notch (I call him the suds machine--he looks like a washing machine overflowing), he wears Size 2 shoes, 3-6 month clothes (is close to outgrowing 3-6 month onesies due to his long torso (inherited from his mommy), enjoys changing his outfit at least 3 times before heading to town just to make sure he looks cute enough (I hope he grows out of this one!), has quite the death grip, he no longer needs to be swaddled at night, has the most buff legs ever, is already taking up beat boxing, loves sucking on his lower lip and tongue, weighs approx. 16.5 lbs, he loves playing under his baby gym and is beginning to enjoy his newest toy the exersaucer which he can stand up in!


  1. Stacy, he is SO stinkin cute. It sounds like he super strong too, rolling over at 4 months that's amazing! I can't believe that he is sleeping through the night let alone 10 hours, what an good baby. If you have secrets for that one I would love to know, I am praying that this next baby is a better sleeper than Charlie, he didn't sleep that long until 10 months!!! I can't believe we haven't gotten togther, we need to soon. How does next week look to you, maybe Tue or Fri???

  2. So cute! Is it just me, or is Gavin mini-Ryan? Count your blessings on the sleeping!!! The longest stretch Lincoln's ever slept is eight hours and that only happened one time! On a good night, I get a couple of three hour stretches. Ugh!

  3. yes we feel VERY blessed with Gavin, which actually worries us that he'll probably be a terrible toddler or the next child we have will make up for it! We're definitely trying to enjoy every minute with him. He is growing so fast! He just started going 10 hours recently. Its been progressive and sometimes he only goes 8, but I guess that's how the first year is supposed to be because they're developing so much (two steps forward, 1 step back). No real secrets or tips, i think this is just Gavin's personality. I couldn't follow any strict regimine with him so we're just letting him do his thing and I really try to watch for what he needs before he loses it. He doesn't take long naps during day only a couple cap naps of 30-45 minutes and then one longer nap 1-1 1/2 hours in the afternoon so I think that helps him sleep longer during night, but like I said that's just how he is and since it is nice the way its working I'm not messing with a good thing. The one book I've really loved so far is Happiest Baby on the Block!

  4. It's not just Karey--in a couple of those pics in the slideshow, What did I see? A baby-faced Ryan looking at me. And I was definitely wondering about the frequency of his stool, so thanks for that. It's so cute to hear all of the ways you're enjoying your sweet little son!

  5. love the slobber. we put brennan in the exersaucer at 4 mo and he still goes in for a little bit now! that was the best purchase other than the high chair and car seat!