Saturday, July 18, 2009

Belated Birthday!

happy belated birthday honey!
well, technically the celebration wasn't belated, but the post is. I have been so horrible about posting that I have some catch up work to do. Ryan turned the big 29 this year! It is his last year of innocence! Ah ha! With all my family in town for my littlest brother's graduation, the fam decided to go camping. I decided I didn't want to miss out and would brave taking the G-man with me. Unfortunately, the camping event overlapped with Ryan's birthday so before I left I decorated the house for a pre-party so he wouldn't feel forgotten. I can't wait to make a big deal of our kids' birthdays. Ryan is learning to appreciate it which is good because now he is understanding why I like him to do little special things like this when its my birthday (hint, hint). 
I even went as far as letting him know where I keep all of the balloons, streamers, you know the party supplies. He won't even have the excuse of no time to go to the store now! 

We didn't get each other large presents for birthdays or mom's and dad's days because we decided to invest in a nicer camera when G-man was born to take our own photos instead of pouring $$$$ into other photographer's work. It is also an opportunity for me to develop a hobby since I seem to have left all of my behind. I am loving the camera and taking photos and can't wait to take some formal classes. I really like the angle I found on the candy bowl I had with Ryan's fav candies--peanut m&m's. What do you think? The camera does a great job on its own with the colors too, not much photo editing. 

So, back to Ryan's birthday. I just want it to go down in the history books (aka my blog) that I have the most amazing husband, a man I dearly admire, respect, adore, appreciate, and to whom I owe so much of my happiness and joy in life. We have grown so much closer together and so much as individuals and it is largely in part to his spiritual strength and love for me. What a man, what an example! He is so intelligent, motivated, talented, driven, faithful, humble, teachable, healthy, generous, and not to mention good-looking, to say the least. Thank you sweetheart for loving me and for patiently supporting me. You are such an amazing father and husband and I am forever indebted to you for your daily sacrifices for our family. 

"sexy beck" in Cabo December 2008
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