Tuesday, October 5, 2010

happy anniversary!!

It's been 4 years and it just gets better all the time! I love that as time has gone by we feel more and more comfortable in our skin and with each other. All of the challenges of early married life have melted away and I feel more confident about myself than I ever have before. I can honestly say that our happiness in marriage has increased enormously with Gavin's arrival. My personal happiness and they love that Ryan and I have for each other and for Gavin has really brought us to a new, more wonderful level. No doubt we have our challenges, always will, but I love feeling more confident about where we have been, what we've overcome, and the future is bright! The more we both strive to put the other before ourselves and really strive for our spouse's happiness the closer we feel to each other and the more loved we feel.

In August, Ryan and I took a quick overnight trip to Ashland, Oregon. Love that place and dream of living there! Anyway, on the trip we listened to the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. We still haven't finished it but what we did listen to was a great reminder of how to continue to grow in our love for each other. We discussed the ways we feel most loved and were reminded of how we can have greater happiness as we strive to love each other and recognize and express gratitude for the efforts of the other to love us. It has been a true testimony to the power of marriage and that it is indeed a sacred union blessed by God. Everyday I gain greater appreciation and love for my Heavenly Father for giving me the gift of family and marriage. It has the power to help us become our best selves, provide us with eternal happiness, and bring some of the most tender moments life has to give.

Happy Anniversary!

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