Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Discovery At Last!!

It has been discovered...the paint color!! Hallelujah!! We will be painting the dining room/kitchen this weekend if I have it my way and I think I have bribed Ryan into helping in my madness! He has his second to last assignment due this Friday night so he said he would have time to help me Saturday. I'm considering it my anniversary gift, although I did have to sweeten the deal a bit. Who said bribing and bartering wasn't good for a marriage? LOL!

So, here is the color. Benjamin Moore's Senora Gray 1530.

I first laid eyes on it here. And of course colors on your computer monitor screen NEVER look like they do in real life and especially not when you put them on your own walls in your house. Lighting is so very tricky. I have learned a lot about color between picking colors for the living room and dining room/hallways now. It makes me want to take that color theory class I've had my eye on for a few years now. Because the light in our dining room is coming from north facing windows, it is very cool. Thus, we needed a color with warm undertones to counteract the coolness of the light. I wanted gray and thus knew I was in for a long road of torture. I am on a first name basis with Rich at Knight's Paint in Chico (Benjamin Moore paints). He has been so very helpful lending me large color swatches, even an entire color deck with generous sized samples. He is even giving me a break on the paint price, making it cheaper than Home Depot and Sherwin Williams paints. We loved how it covered in the living room and having great help and someone to teach more more about color and painting methods has been key. Plus, it feels good to support local businesses. I promised Ryan I'd have everything prepped before Saturday, so I've got my work cut out for me.

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