Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Time Flies...

It's hard to believe that our little guy is already approaching 6 months of age. Wow has time flied! He is more adorable than ever! I apologize if you are sick and tired of his photos, but well, he is my life right now and I am enjoying improving my photography skills.

I love how he is discovering so many new things in life right now and I know its only the beginning of discovery for him. He is so interested in the things he sees, the things he hears (like the garbage truck and then the helicopter outside our house this morning), the things he touches, and most recently, the things he tastes (beside plastic and fabric products he has now be introduced to sweet potatoes).

Ode to Mi Hermano--Feliz Cumpleanos a ti!

Today my brother Keith turns 20, and because he is such an amazing dude he is celebrating it in Costa Rica serving the Lord, Jesus Christ. He has been in Costa Rica on his mission for our church preaching about Jesus Christ and the joy of His gospel for a year now and has one more grand year to go. I couldn't be more excited for him and the year ahead, as well as proud of what he has already accomplished and the man he is becoming. It is truly something to put aside your education pursuits in the prime of that time of your life and commit 2 years to the Lord. His example and dedication to giving 100% to the Lord while there is such a strength to me and my family. I see his testimony of the Savior and his atonement grow with every email I receive from him. The gospel of Jesus Christ has indeed been restored or brought back to the earth and we have the opportunity to enjoy the blessings of that restoration! He is making sure that the loving people of Costa Rica have that same great blessing. I love that he puts all his effort into being the best missionary he can be. I love that he is humble and sees that there is plenty of room for improvement and that he wants to improve. I love that he loves the people of Costa Rica. I love that his english is getting worse which means his spanish is improving. I love that he has a sense of humor and is still that teenage boy he was before he left in some respects, and yet his is more a man (especially a righteous one) than before he left. I love that he is my brother. I love that I get weekly emails from him encouraging me to endure to the end and to improve in my devotion to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love that he inspires me to be a better example of Jesus Christ. I love that he is embrassing the Costa Rican culture and trying new things. I love that he loves the Lord more than ever in his life and that this will build a strong foundation for him to lead and guide his future family to eternity. Thank you dear brother for forgetting yourself and serving your Heavenly Father and his dear children in Costa Rica. Here's to another amazing year!! Happy Birthday and thanks to the families who are helping you celebrate--I see they're treating you just fine! Feliz Cumpleanos a ti!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

good morning Mr. Hot Air Balloon!

Saturday morning I woke up around 7:00 and went out to open the house up to enjoy more of that cool morning air we are experiencing. I decided to step outside and to my surprise I spied a hot air balloon in our midst. I can't tell you how enamoured I am with these majestic transportation devices. I have never ridden in one, but I would love, love, love to! After I saw the movie, "The Bucket List", riding in a hot air balloon became of my top things to do before I die. Ryan, on the other hand, says, "NO WAY!" Well, I couldn't resist the excitement when I saw it. Immediately I morphed from my 28 year old body into a 5 year old--no joke. The following actions resulted: I grabbed my camera and took about 25+ pictures, all amongst about 10 trips into the bedroom to a sleeping husband where I proceeded to debate whether or not to wake him so he could partake of the same enjoyment I was experiencing. It went something like this: run from the front yard into house quickly to bedroom; nope, he's not awake yet (thinking to myself, "Geez should I wake him, ok not yet"); run back outside to check on status of hot air balloon--its getting closer; take a couple more snapshots; run back into house to bedroom; husband still not up (geez what if he misses this once in a life time experience); jump up and down out of excitement and debate again whether to wake him or not; run back outside and run into street to try to get a little closer to balloon; excitement overwhelms me and I can't help but think my husband might miss this (note: balloon is still so ever far away from passing over house) so I run back into house to see if by chance he's woken; nope, still asleep. Finally after about at least 5 rounds of this I decide I've waited long enough and I wake him up. "Honey, honey guess what's outside? Come and see, please!" My dear sweetheart came out to see said balloon just in time and I think he was almost as happy as I was at this surprise. Oh, and by the way dear, you're in the front yard in your underwear (as the neighbors drive by)!

Oh, by the way, the hubby says he'll go up in a balloon with me if he can wear a parachute. Do they work at that height? If so, sign us up!!!

catch a falling star...

So this last Sunday Ryan and I took a stroll around the neighborhood to put little "G" to sleep. I am just loving this fall-like weather in the evenings and mornings. Oh it is delicious! If there is somewhere that is like this all year round please tell me, and quick! Well, we decided to make one last loop around a cul-de-sac in our neighborhood and as we gazed up at the stars we saw two, I tell you two falling stars, and not just any falling stars, one was fast and super bright. You might think this is silly, but I only saw my first falling star a meager 5 years ago on our first date. That's right--I was 23 before I saw my first falling star! It must have been a magical night (or during a meteor shower works too, I guess).

On that starry night we went to dinner at California Pasta and had deep conversations (ok not really anything deep but he was sure something else to look at across the table), saw a play "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" at a local theatre (Blue Room), headed to the observatory in Upper Bidwell Park for a great light show and my first ever experience with the falling star, and then topped the night off with ice cream at Coldstone. It was the best date I had ever been on--no lie! And 2 years later we finally, after that blessed false start, tied the knot. 

That first date has resulted in so many great things--the joy of seeing falling stars galore, our marriage, Gavin (an hopefully other delightful kiddos), and Ryan's love (and at times obsession) with ice cream. Yep, he hadn't had it for many many years (he observed a strict overly healthy lifestyle I quickly broke him of), and well, the list of amazing experiences and gifts goes on and on. 

In 3 weeks, we will be celebrating our wedding anniversary--3 years of marriage. Every year it seems our marriage gets better and better. One flesh I tell you, ONE FLESH, or at least that's our goal! What an amazing man I married! Oh so amazing. I couldn't have imagined a more precious dude. 

Can't wait for more walks, talks, and falling stars. Oh, and don't forget the ice cream!