Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ode to Mi Hermano--Feliz Cumpleanos a ti!

Today my brother Keith turns 20, and because he is such an amazing dude he is celebrating it in Costa Rica serving the Lord, Jesus Christ. He has been in Costa Rica on his mission for our church preaching about Jesus Christ and the joy of His gospel for a year now and has one more grand year to go. I couldn't be more excited for him and the year ahead, as well as proud of what he has already accomplished and the man he is becoming. It is truly something to put aside your education pursuits in the prime of that time of your life and commit 2 years to the Lord. His example and dedication to giving 100% to the Lord while there is such a strength to me and my family. I see his testimony of the Savior and his atonement grow with every email I receive from him. The gospel of Jesus Christ has indeed been restored or brought back to the earth and we have the opportunity to enjoy the blessings of that restoration! He is making sure that the loving people of Costa Rica have that same great blessing. I love that he puts all his effort into being the best missionary he can be. I love that he is humble and sees that there is plenty of room for improvement and that he wants to improve. I love that he loves the people of Costa Rica. I love that his english is getting worse which means his spanish is improving. I love that he has a sense of humor and is still that teenage boy he was before he left in some respects, and yet his is more a man (especially a righteous one) than before he left. I love that he is my brother. I love that I get weekly emails from him encouraging me to endure to the end and to improve in my devotion to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love that he inspires me to be a better example of Jesus Christ. I love that he is embrassing the Costa Rican culture and trying new things. I love that he loves the Lord more than ever in his life and that this will build a strong foundation for him to lead and guide his future family to eternity. Thank you dear brother for forgetting yourself and serving your Heavenly Father and his dear children in Costa Rica. Here's to another amazing year!! Happy Birthday and thanks to the families who are helping you celebrate--I see they're treating you just fine! Feliz Cumpleanos a ti!

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