Thursday, September 10, 2009

catch a falling star...

So this last Sunday Ryan and I took a stroll around the neighborhood to put little "G" to sleep. I am just loving this fall-like weather in the evenings and mornings. Oh it is delicious! If there is somewhere that is like this all year round please tell me, and quick! Well, we decided to make one last loop around a cul-de-sac in our neighborhood and as we gazed up at the stars we saw two, I tell you two falling stars, and not just any falling stars, one was fast and super bright. You might think this is silly, but I only saw my first falling star a meager 5 years ago on our first date. That's right--I was 23 before I saw my first falling star! It must have been a magical night (or during a meteor shower works too, I guess).

On that starry night we went to dinner at California Pasta and had deep conversations (ok not really anything deep but he was sure something else to look at across the table), saw a play "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" at a local theatre (Blue Room), headed to the observatory in Upper Bidwell Park for a great light show and my first ever experience with the falling star, and then topped the night off with ice cream at Coldstone. It was the best date I had ever been on--no lie! And 2 years later we finally, after that blessed false start, tied the knot. 

That first date has resulted in so many great things--the joy of seeing falling stars galore, our marriage, Gavin (an hopefully other delightful kiddos), and Ryan's love (and at times obsession) with ice cream. Yep, he hadn't had it for many many years (he observed a strict overly healthy lifestyle I quickly broke him of), and well, the list of amazing experiences and gifts goes on and on. 

In 3 weeks, we will be celebrating our wedding anniversary--3 years of marriage. Every year it seems our marriage gets better and better. One flesh I tell you, ONE FLESH, or at least that's our goal! What an amazing man I married! Oh so amazing. I couldn't have imagined a more precious dude. 

Can't wait for more walks, talks, and falling stars. Oh, and don't forget the ice cream!

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