Thursday, December 31, 2009

silver linings

we're sick. it stinks (not literally-thankfully). today I found the silver lining to having a cold for a prolonged period of time. In fact, I discovered two great things:

1. I have now lost 2 lbs which I've struggled to do for several months now. Maybe this will be my motivation to keep working on that.(Even more of a miracle at the holiday time and I'm still eating chocolates galore.)Terrible, simply terrible thought I know.

2. I am now about 3 inches taller thanks to my trusty bed head and thus I feel much less pressure to lose weight as I was in the "overweight" category. Now with three more inches on my height I'm hoping that bumped me out of that category.

yea me for being a positive thinker!

ps if you have any spare kleenex laying around your house and are feeling generous we could use some. ;)

1 comment:

  1. you'll be happy to know that kleenex is on costco passport starting next thursday! so exciting about losing the lbs. wishing it was me too! not in weight loss mode, but i would love to not have gained any this past two weeks b/c i'm definitely nearing the end and the more you gain at the end, the more uncomfortable it seems to get.