Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beware of Pirates!

Beware of Pirates!!!!!

This year we decided to get involved in our ward's halloween party. So, I signed us up for a trick or treat room. It was stressful thinking about what I'd do, but luckily it came together and for some young ones was even a little too scary!

Shiver me timbers!

Hang 'im from the yardarm!

Gavin a.k.a. Jolly Roger (he only made a short appearance because was exhausted from a day of hardly any naps--he fell asleep between bites of cereal for dinner. In fact, he was fussy in this picture that's why we only got one picture and its blurry. He was also being overtaken by the overabundance of cobwebs I used to decorate the room. Lesson learned...)

Pirate's Booty!

All in all, we had a fun time. I had fun decorating the room although I was pressed for time. It wouldn't have turned out had it been for my mother-in-law's stash of halloween decor. It was perfect!!! Thank you Janice for all your years of doing church parties and decorating. Its sure making life easier for me! I'm already thinking of a theme for next year's room! I can't wait to have halloween parties at our house for the kids. I want to do that instead of them focusing on trick-or-treating.

Happy Halloween! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

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  1. Stace, great costumes! You are just about the hottest pirate I have ever seen. And that pizza looks incredible, I love pineapple and pepperoni too.