Monday, October 12, 2009

grey's anatomy

Our party consisted of yummy homemade McPizza (pepperoni and pineapple--our specialty) with some McSnacks and McDrinks, of course. I do have to say my McDreamy did look pretty McSteamy in his surgeon outfit!
* Despite the Loser pose, Ryan was a great sport and is definitely a Grey's fan. I was dressed up too, but I looked more like a big white blob in a oversized dr.'s coat and plus I was taking the pictures.


  1. That is too funny! Likes like a fun time!

  2. DO-OVER!!! i need another post of your outfit. you must have at least one picture! if not, i demand you get back into your outfit, take a picture, and post it for us IMMEDIATELY!!! so wish we could have come to your party. yummy pizza;-) oh, and i wish that sean would watch with me, boo hoo.

  3. If you think Ryan looks great as McDreamy you should have seen him in his Van Halen gear as a kid. Hope to see you guys soon.

    Matt and Kay