Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Be My Valentine!

Ryan hasn't been a believer in Valentine's Day. He knows I love it so he's learning to enjoy it. He is one of "those" that believes that he shares his love for me all year long so he doesn't need one day to do it. (He does a great job of showing me his love all the time so he is correct in his logic). I know what he means, but its still nice! So I think he's a believer now! We had a busy but enjoyable day. Originally I had wanted to take one last trip to San Fran and see Wicked (something we both wanted to do before those days are over for a while) but I think I wouldn't make it far. Hopefully we'll have a chance before it leaves this summer. Riiiiiight. Anyway, Ryan planned to serve me breakfast in bed, but the days of sleeping in to a reasonable time are over for me and i couldn't bear to make him get up at 6:30 just for my sake. So instead we had a candlelite breakfast! It was nice! We had seen a special on PBS touring Sydney Australia and they featured this yummy looking Ricotta Pancakes at a restaurant called "Bills". They looked AMAZING!! Luckily when I googled the restaurant he shares some of his recipes and that was one of them. Ryan has been eager to try them out and so we did! We need to perfect the cooking part but then were light, fluffy and YUMMY!!!  For the recipe go here

Once breakfast was over we picked up the house only to destroy it once we started prepping the baby's room for painting. We spent many hours painting but it was fun to work on the project together and imagine our little one here in only 6 weeks! Ryan got a little creative trying to mix it up painting and I'll just leave it at that so we can keep this post "G-rated". We finally got everything cleaned up and the tape off around oh 10:00pm. It was a good 12-hour job. Thanks honey for all your hard work! To top it off he even managed to get me flowers, a huge pair of smackers (lips) that read "I Love You" balloon (because he's obsessed with my lips--T.M.I.?) and rub my feet (part of the 2 hour massage I requested as my valentine's gift). Needless to say we weren't too worried about a romantic dinner--I think we had cereal! 

(Don't let this pic scare you. Ryan LOVES his pic taken and this was him responding to my request for him to 1. Smile, and 2. Look at me when he smiled).

Happy Valentine's Day from the Becks! 

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  1. so cute!!! we had steak, soooo tasty, but brennan screamed through the entire dinner. we laughed about how relaxing our first valentine's day was as parents. definately different from before, but in a good way. the laughing part was key. we have started laughing more now when brennan screams, it helps!;-)