Sunday, February 15, 2009

32 weeks (better late than never)

Ok, I'm a little late on the posting, but at least I took the pictures. Here I am January 31st so I was 32 weeks (I think) I can't keep up I just focus on how many I have left. Yes I would have had 2 months left. I am ballooning out by the day! Sitting at work is getting very problematic but then its uncomfortable to walk around too much. So is life! Only 6 weeks to go baby! We finish up child birthing classes this week, take our tour of the birthing center, and I turn in my disability papers. I only have 2 weeks left of work (and one of those days is now devoted to my civic responsibility of jury duty!) 

We finally got started on the baby's room (Happy Valentines Day!) It was nice working together although Ryan definitely did more and the harder work. It took us the full day to prep, paint and clean up the mess. We have a few touch ups to do and now for the decorating.  He also started on the crib which we got for free and are sanding down and painting. I still have to make the bedding which my mother so graciously is helping with. We start that next friday and Ryan wants to have this room dialed in for the baby shower (i.e. the unveiling). He's excited! He is already jealous of the babe's room and wishes he could have it. I can't wait to meet this little dude! 

PS Still can't decide on a name. Then I realized if it goes anything like it did for his dad, this little guy will be known as "Beck" and not by his first name. So all this fretting for nothing?!?


  1. Stacy, I absolutely love how you've decorated your house. When I buy a house, can I hire you as my decorator? Pleeease? :)

    BTW, you look adorable. Pregnancy suits you well! Any luck coming up with a name yet?

  2. haha, so true, who calls the pork loin brennan?;-) btw, funny that you said call him beck b/c sean and i love the name beckham for a boy, but call him beck. cute huh? we'll probably have a girl next time! i would definately be happy with either:-) 2 weeks to B's b-day. can't believe it. pirate party with the family and guitar hero with our friends.

  3. Dang Stacy, you make pregnancy look good. I am excited for the "unveiling" as well!