Friday, June 6, 2008

speaking of packages...

just wanted to say quickly again, how amazing ryan is! i forgot to mention that when i arrived home from utah (at 1:ooam) ryan had left me the most amazing surprise. you may have to close your eyes to imagine the amazingness, sorry no pictures. well, walking in from the garage i notices a poster on the door. it welcomed me home and said that he had left me a little scavenger hunt throughout the house. how fun! first there were cinnamon rolls in the fridge for breakfast to eat while i watched the episode of grey's anatomy that i missed while in utah, then the newest issue of my favorite decorating magazine waiting on the couch, flowers and potting soil outside to enjoy my current hobby of gardening, my fav salad from trader joes in the fridge for lunch, and a new addition to my wardrobe ("because the brown section was looking a littl grim"). how awesome! i couldn't believe it! then the best of all, he was asleep in bed waiting for me! what a stud!


  1. gardening as a hobby? Stace, I am impressed! I loved reading this. I wish we were going to the wedding as well. Enjoy your fun summer before the children come!

  2. Hey Stacy! I got your comment on my blog the other is crazy who you find online. I'd heard through Charity that you and Ryan got married...I guess I'm a little late, but congrats! Sounds like things are going really well. Good luck with your hectic summer. Keep in touch.

  3. What a great dude! Aw. How I love it. So good to see you so happy.


  4. ok so I was looking at your blog and noticed I wasn't mentioned under friends, then I saw the link to "my introduction to Dr. Pepper" I clicked on it and noticed how it linked to me. SO FUNNY. I was laughing to hard. FYI I have been blamed for that by alot of people.