Friday, June 6, 2008

may 2008

I can't believe its already been a month since I posted last. Life is so busy and I know we don't even have kids yet. Well, regardless of that fact...ITS BUSY!!!! In may I traveled solo to Utah to visit my sisters and the kiddies. It was sooooooooo tiring! I never believed the saying about a stay-at-home mom's job being busier than a full-time career. Well, ladies I'M A BELIEVER!!! The gals at the office were concerned I'd come home from the time with the kids and be pregnant or ready to make it happen, but as I predicted it worked more in the favor of birth control. It only took a day or so before the exhaustion subsided and I was ready again for a family! Too bad I can't control that all on my own...
Utah was great! It snowed, poured rain, and shined. Too bad all I brought were flip flops. I was able to attend an endowment session at the SLC temple (my first time there) with my sister Julie. It was beautiful and really made me think! We took a trip to the Hoogle Zoo too! I was also able to see one of my best friends, Emily and her new baby Brennan! How fun! I was however, VERY EXCITED to return home after being gone 8 days. I don't know if I can be gone that long again from Ryan. I guess maybe with time, we're still newlyweds I guess. It will be 2 years this fall and 4 years since we began dating and we are really enjoying our relationship. I think we're growing more and more closer and more comfortable with each other. We have definitely moved beyond the adjustment period---THANK GOODNESS!! We're just both excited about the next chapter(s) of our lives.

After a week of recooperating, we headed off to Santa Cruz for a weekend trip with Ryan's parents. Can I just say that I have the MOST AWESOME IN-LAWS! I wouldn't even classify then as in-laws. They are family to me!!! They invited us to Santa Cruz with them and gave us the most relaxing weekend ever and we really needed it! Work has been stressful for the both of us and it was a needed getaway! Thanks Craig and Janice! You're lifesavers! We ate amazing food, tons of our favorite cookies from Pacific Cookie Co., surfed, laid on the beach, went to the movies, shopped, ate more great food, and just enjoyed Santa Cruz--the crazy place it is.

Life doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon...In to June--camping with my family, more con ed courses for ryan in portland, he's got an old friend coming to intern with him at the pt clinic and living with us half the week, and more stress at work for shizzle! It too will better darn it! Then in July--more con ed (just a weekend course in Sac this time), I fly to Seattle for old roomie/friends wedding and reunite after years of separation, Ryan's sister visits and hopefully they move back from florida, and hopefully we get a short vaca in before the summer is over...oh ya and all those crazy church responsbilities we have lately. Gotta love 'em!

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