Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Love Comes in all Different Packages

Its unbelievable how many different ways love comes packaged. I can't fathom how much Ryan loves me and all the different ways he either chooses to express it or is forced to because he married me and feels sorry for me. Anyway, I thought I'd share about a moment recently that really struck me...

So, I could tell Ryan really loved me a few weeks ago when he came home telling me he had bought me a book! How thoughtful! That was something I normally did for him. Well, he handed me the book and the title read, "How to be Totally Miserable". WOW honey gee thanks! As if I didn't already have that one down, and that is the exact reason he bought me the book. As you most know John Bytheway is very humorous in his talks and writings and this book was by him. Well, it gave tons of ways to make yourself miserable. Unfortunately, it left me feeling confused because I laughed when I knew I was being stupid for doing the things it said you were suppoed to do to be miserable, but then I also felt sorry for myself because I did them. Needless to say, I did a quick read through the book, it got lost in the seat crack of my car and I'm more miserable than ever. It worked right? Ha, well, I'm not really miserable but its funny how often I catch myself falling into that trap. Sometimes I just am not willing to get myself out of it or stop from falling. I'm still a working on that one. Thanks honey for watching out for me though! I know he has a good heart! Oh, and since I've mastered the book, its on sale on ebay (figured I'd infect the world with misery while I'm at it!). Gotta love sarcasm!

Thank goodness to a loving and committed husband that keeps me out of the depths of self-pity (most of the time) and helps me keep my chin up and my tummy sucked in. This may have been the most stupid or confusing post, but unfortunately I'm posting it anyway.


  1. That was sweet of your husband. Way to go!

  2. Glad to see you are blogging again. I kept checking anc checking for a ne post taht I was becoming upset and confused.... something must be wrong I thought to myself, why else would she not be blogging.

    Glad to see that everything is fine and dandy.