Friday, April 18, 2008

C-Sections and Ice Cream Babies

Life is flying by and I feel as if I'm just trying to keep up! Its really great though! Well, March started with a weekend getaway to nearby Sacramento. It was great! We stayed downtown within walking distance of our favorite restaurant-- PF Chang's and I had one my most favorite meals ever-- Lemongrass Prawns on a bed of lemon-infused noodles. Oh YUM!!! We also had breakfast at one of our favorite places, Mimi's, where I gained oh about 1 Million pounds that weekend! YIKES! March ended with our trip to Portland Oregon. Thank goodness there weren't any death scares this time. We traveled safe! We had a beautiful drive and made it in less than 8 hours. I spent way too much money shopping and we again, ate way too much food! Let's just say in the past month I did everything I could to defeat my weight loss goals. After only a few days back from Portland I was off to Sin City for a CE class for my job. I learned a lot, but again, ate way too much good food! I've now convinced myself if it wasn't for my genes, I'd be a big fat budha! I've gained some of the weight I lost in Jan/Feb back and now I'm trying to kill off the "eat until I need a c-section for my ice cream baby" phase. If its not ice cream its pizza, french fries, the corn dog and lemon ice I was just craving two weeks ago. Geez Louise! You'd think I'm pregnant, and I'm not despite being nausous and throwing up one morning. I think it was caused by the millions of calories I've consumed in the past month. Note to self-- discontinue eating binge and start starving. Ok, maybe just eating healthy!

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