Monday, March 14, 2011

orange you lovely!

Here's what I came up with for the decor and party favors for Gavin's 2nd birthday. It was inspired by an orange drink I had at a friend's baby shower. I have also been obsessed with oranges lately and eating them daily, which is weird for me because I usually dislike oranges. I always get bad ones, but Ryan was given a bag of oranges by a patient at work and these ones have been delicious!

I already had all the supplies from all the hoopla I made for Gavin's 1st birthday. I had the napkins in my stash and so didn't have to buy anything except a few more clear bags and the oranges and orange slices candy. I found the orange slice and leaf images online and edited them in Photoshop Elements. The font on the stickers was in the blue to match the striped napkins.

Photo Above (Clockwise Left to Right): Orange with leaf name card for place settings, white paper sacks for party favor (it had a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie from Upper Crust Bakery), blue/gray striped napkins from Ikea (great place for napkins!!), green napkin from Ikea for cake time, "Thanks You're Sweet" orange slices candy party favor (bags tied with jute twine). I just use full sheet size labels to print my designs out on and then stick them right to the cardstock, bags, etc. Not pictured: I also had some of the 2 inch orange slice circle stickers on clear cups that said "Happy Birthday", and we had tons of green and yellow balloons strewn on the floor (the store was out of orange ones).


  1. this looks like a great party! why wasn't i invited? jk! you did such a great job-- who would have guessed you put it together so quickly?

  2. Well "orange" you clever? Super cute, as usual!