Friday, February 18, 2011

diy frosting...yum!

Are your taste buds salivating already? Does the title of this post and that picture confuse you? Well anything decor related gets my taste buds going! Oh wait, maybe its the fact that I'm eating an entire plate of brownies as we speak. I deserve it after this week right? Right!

So I've been thinking about our entry area lately. It needs a plan. It needs life. I'm struggling with the entry table because the ones I like are expensive and not really functional (they just look pretty) and I'm realizing I should use the space for more function of either housing my stuff or more of gavin's toys. I'm thinking some sort of dresser is the key. Anyway, that is another post. I've been despising the DIY curtains I whipped up a couple months ago and want to tear them down immediately, but they are our only privacy unless we go back to having our entry closet door open to block the window. So, when I was visiting a friend in utah her front entry window was frosted and it got me thinking. Frosting!! That would still allow light in that I miss with the curtain and it would give privacy!

Here is an DIY I just came across on design sponge. What do you think? She just used clear contact paper and a paint pen. I love the lines, not the flowery stuff. Hmmmm... Here is the full post over at Design Sponge for your DIY pleasure. As soon as I'm healthy enough to get out of my house, I will be buying contact paper and a white paint pen!


  1. i need this too! we have two little peek-a-boo windows in our front doors (that you can open to say hi to someone outside) but they are clear and i hate that when people come up to our front door, they see straight back into my messy kitchen! i stuck some scrapbook paper up there to cover it, but i definitely think that this is a little better solution!