Sunday, April 4, 2010

the details

the details:
In short, Ryan says I put in hundreds of hours of preparation (a slight exaggeration). I did use tons of paper, glue, double-sided tape (genius invention), an entire ink cartridge, and I loved every moment of it! Unfortunately I was finishing up details when the great-grandparents arrived (darn early birds) so I didn't get to really snap photos. Ryan lovingly tried to get some for me while I snuck away to get ready (I was still in my sweats when they arrived).

FYI that is NOT beer. They are lemon lime sodas I found at TJ Maxx (purchased solely for the green label). Thankfully they ended tasting pretty good too!

I did NOT make the cake. I do know my limits!

I also didn't make the #1 cookies. I ran out of time and Janice my mother-in-law who worries about the details too, graciously insisted on making them for me!

the most important detail of them all...the birthday boy and love of my life, can you tell?

Now, for planning Ryan's 30th!!! I hope he likes blue and green. I sure would like to get more use out of everything I did! LOL!


  1. Oh man, Gavin is SO adorable and so much more grown-up looking than the last pic I saw of him! His face almost looks toddlerish in that one! And, WOW, are you good at the details!!

  2. WOW! a year? Everything looked fantastic, Stacy! He sure is a cutie :)

  3. That looks like such a beautiful fun party. good job! I LOVE his hair, oh my goodness, such a cutie.

  4. WHAT a beautiful job you did! Amazing! And I can't believe how big the G-man is already... wow, a year!

  5. i can't believe how long and curly his hair is!!! the party was DARLING!!! you have the best style. love your hair as well.

  6. So cute!!!! You did an awesome job... now take a breath because you only have one year to plan his second birthday!!!!

  7. you can come decorate my events anytime... Great Job...