Monday, August 31, 2009

5 months...

5 Months...
We are having so much fun with this little guy. You can't stop him from smiling these days if you try. He is really pretty much perfect, except for some napping issues. We love him to pieces! What a blessing from God (and in case you were wondering, we'd love him to pieces even if he wasn't near perfect).

Post UPDATE: Gavin finally had his 5-month doctor's appointment. He continues to grow like crrrrrrazy! He now weighs 17.5 lbs (75% for weight), is 27 1/2 inches long (90% for height). He is doing great the doc says. He did better this time with the shots too and he had to get 3 pokes. He cried for a minute max and was smiling at the ladies in the office before we could walk out the door. What a flirt! 
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

SAHM aka Stay At Home Mom

So today I was introduced to a new acronym--SAHM. So you'd think I'd be in the know since it describes my "title" right now, but well, I'm not. That's Stay At Home Mom for those who were in that boat too! It just looks so funny and a lot less prestigious. Since when was wiping poop off a baby's bum, rice cereal off everything in sight, or doing loads and loads of laundry become "prestigious" you ask? Well really I think its been that way since Adam and Eve, and probably before this world was created. I bet there are SAHM's in heaven! haha! 

I do have to admit when I've had to enter my title or occupation its a difficult transition to leave behind those secular purusits and put "homemaker", "stay at home mom", or the infamous "housewife". If I were to put "housewife" I would almost feel dirty thanks to the "real" housewives all over the world now, as if I am a fake or a fraud.

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. You probably quit reading by now. Its after 10pm and I've been mommying it up since 7:00am so let me get to my point...what was my point? I don't think I actually had one. Ok, well I'll tell you what this SAHM has been up to:

1. Still adjusting to SAHMing a.k.a postpartum meltdowns.
2. Playing the piano more and loving it!
3. Starting back to school, not starting back, starting back, not starting back, NOT starting for sure.
4. Researching mommy & me groups (pretty much unsuccessfully) so I'm in the works of starting my own.
5. Signing the G-man and I up for kindermusik, super excited!!
6. NOT exercising (I haven't lost weight in over a month I don't think that's supposed to happen).
7. Shopping at IKEA--that's another post I've been meaning to write.
8. Photography, kind of.
9. Church, church, church and its made all the difference.
10. Plenty of family time and its DEFINITELY what this life is ALL about! That's why I'm a SAHM!