Monday, May 18, 2009

hair-do's and the likes...

The new hair-do. What do you think? It might look a little weird in this photo because I put a different background behind me in photoshop (just trying new features out) because I took the photo in the bathroom. Its hard to trace around hair! I like my hair, although I had major 24-hour shock! I came right home (as I do almost everytime) changed the style to look more like the photo, did my makeup to try and improve my chances of liking it, changed my outfit and then waited...

I'm weird, I know. I'm really glad I got it cut! It needed it--its been since last June! Yuck! I tried out a new gal and she did a great job with it, just have to get the bangs trimmed a little more since I figured out how I want to style it now. I'm excited that I finally found another stylist. If anyone is interested, I have several friends/family who go to her and love her. She's great and she is inexpensive! Thank you dear hubby for twisting my leg for oh months to get in and get it done! I just got lazy being pregnant and didn't take care of it (plus I hate calling on the phone and so I avoided making an appointment). As I said, I'm weird, I know.

So much more to post about, but things have been busy and I haven't been in a posting "mood". It may end up being a picture post. Plus, I'm taking Elder Bednar's counsel to heart--see his CES Fireside Speech for May 2009 at BYU-Idaho. I'm so grateful for blogging so I can keep my family and friends involved in our lovely life, but since it is so lovely--I'm going to live it and enjoy it because its going by so fast--Gavalicious is almost 2 months old!!


  1. I had to laugh at your post. I hate calling on the phone, too, and so I am terrible about making appointments. It had been almost a year since my last haircut! Yours looks super cute!!

  2. haha, i text my hair stylist for apts!!!! it's great;-) only b/c we're good friends can i get away with it though. i put off apts as well. i have LOTS of really great excuses;-)