Sunday, October 26, 2008

a tribute to my husband

You are so STRONG, so VALIANT, so BRAVE. Yes, you have your weakness, but that only makes you more FORGIVING of mine. Thank you for LOVING ME. Thank you for your CONFIDENCE in me and the dreams you share of my POTENTIAL. I often forget or am too afraid to realize it. Thank you for BELIEVING in me and believing in US. You are my ROCK, my HOPE, my LOVE, my ETERNAL COMPANION. I will walk with you by your side through THICK & THIN because you are my HERO and I LOVE YOU! Thank you for LOVING ME TOO! This month we CELEBRATE 2 YEARS. Two years of LOVE, ETERNAL MARRIAGE, FAMILY, PATIENCE, FORGIVENESS, 2 years of TEMPLE ATTENDANCE, SPIRITUAL GROWTH, PROFESSIONAL ENDEAVORS, change, happiness & sorrow--and it all means the world to me because you are my COMPANION, my PARTNER, my one TRUE LOVE.


  1. congratulations! how are you doing? it was fun to read your blog - i appreciated all you wrote about prop 8 - i hope this pregnancy goes well for you- how exciting! valerie west

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