Friday, September 12, 2008

HELP...Blogger Layout

So I'm a retard and I can't seem to figure out blogger. I was a pro at myspace, but I'm just feeling stumped. I want to change my background/layout to one from another website but everytime I do it says the configuration is wrong or I lose half of my info on my page (all my contacts especially). I need help. So many of you have figured it out. What's my problem? I am loving white more than I used to as you will notice in the picture posted we just put up white curtains in our living room and we love them! Thanks Ikea! We were going to go dark, but I decided to keep them light (our floors are wood and our couch is dark too. I've also been changing over the color scheme from lots of different warm colors to black, white, brown, and a poppy red color like our chair as punches of color through. I've got about half the room done. I'll have to finish soon though so I can focus on the baby's room once we figure out the gender (we find out first of november). So, although I appreciate white, even though its technically not a color, I would like to spice up my blog. HELP!

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  1. has some great layouts and they are really simple to do!