Wednesday, September 12, 2012

G's big boy room

I decided to attempt an inspiration board for g's little boy room. I am probably already halfway there with decorating it. I just haven't been able to make up my mind about his bed. I have finally decided on a stained wood bed in a simple more modern shape. I am thinking of DIYing this bed. Ana White has some plans on her website for a pioneer style bed that I could probably use and modify slightly to make it more modern.

Here is the board I came up with. Obviously I have some experience to gain in making inspiration boards. I am trying to use the furniture and curtains I already have. I could sand down the black dresser and go with a different color if I want. We painted it black from wood for G's nursery.

Clockwise from top left: BED inspiration taken from here. I found some 100% cotton sheets by Lauren Ralph Lauren in a small purple gingham at TJ Maxx/Homegoods. G loves purple and I wanted to incorporate it into his room somehow. I decided that the gingham print was a perfect way and this darker purple isn't too feminine. I found these sheets in twin size while visiting in CA and decided they were worth paying the 7.25% sales tax. Love not having sales tax in Oregon! Mint green down pillow found at Homegoods (love mint!!) Orange velvet pillow from Cost Plus World Market. Wall lamp from Ikea, found here. DRESSER is painted in a black gloss. It was Ryan's as a kid. Woven basket for toys/laundry. Vintage globe. Displaying G's art on one wally in a casual gallery style display. I'm planning a huge 3 ft wide strip of black chalkboard contact paper the length of one wall to contrast with the brown bed with the art above it I think. Woven baskets with books in them. We keep a basket of "bedtime books" next to G's bed and those are the books he can choose from for bedtime. We went through this time where he was so obsessed with books it made bedtime tough. We already have Ikea's Duktig Mini-kitchen and Kritter table and chairs in white. The black grommet curtains are from Target and I have 4 panels on his windows so I can close them to help blackout the room more. The blue chevron rug is from RugsUSA, found here. We also have an Ikea expedit bookshelf in the room with woven baskets full of G's toys. I already have some toys on display and layered on shelves to bring in more color (reds, blues, oranges). His rocking chair from the nursery is still in there too. Every so often I think about taking it out and then decide I'm not ready to do that. Probably because I still love the occasional night he wakes crying and I rock him. He is my baby still. The walls are white, duh (its a rental!).

Here is the inspiration for his bed:

Here's Ana White's Pioneer Bed (here's the link to plans).

I am going for more of an eclectic look rather than too matchy-matchy. What do you think? For now G is still on the floor on his crib mattress. He's happy and sleeps well so I guess that is what really matters. Right?

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