Sunday, September 26, 2010

vacation, part 2

It's horrible when you finally get around to posting about a vacation and you're already in desperate need of another one! Seriously, Ryan's schooling is going better than I expected (well its still harder for him that expected, but I'm fairing it better than I thought). That being said, I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO BE OVER!!!! It is a blessing I know and will bless our family and Ryan's career for the next 30+ years, but I sincerely hope he takes me seriously when I tell him I need a break after this stint. We find out in October when the practical portion of his education will take place. It is some time in 2011 and will be in Austin, Texas. I still haven't decided if Gavin and I will join him. Hum...2 months in a large city away from family and probably without a car and with a 2 year old OR a sweet vacation in Mexico? Hum...indeed! It would cost us a few grand for us to go with so I'm debating using the dinero for a vacation and saving. We shall see!

So back to the last vacation... I had promised pictures of the aquarium. It was fun and made me even more excited for years to come when we take our kids to theme parks, aquariums, zoos--you know the drill. So here they are!

Please excuse the horrible pics I was taking them sans the flash so that you could actually see the aquarium in the background. I think the pic of all 3 of us is one of the very very few we have so far so even though there is a shadow over my eyes, it will go down in history.


  1. we lived in austin for three years (where my first daughter was born) and we LOOOOOOOVED it there. so of course i'm a little partial, but i think you should go! it is a fabulous city and i'll have all sorts of recommendations for you (restaurants, running trails, museums, etc.). my husband's sister still lives there so we want to try to find a time to go visit her (good excuse to visit my favorite city) so maybe while you guys are there! we would move back there in a heartbeat if we got the right job opportunity... maybe you guys would like it so much you'd consider leaving CA! i'm just sayin...

  2. Wah! This makes our aquarium look so sad!