Friday, August 20, 2010

ignore him?

Disclaimer: if you are a perfect parent or a professed perfect parent STOP reading now!

So I've noticed a trend among friends and their babies. They can do most everything that Gavin can't do, BUT what he has over them is his great sleeping abilities! I mean this kid sleeps. He has been going 12 1/2 hours at night and a 3 hour nap in the afternoons. This is consistent. I have had several friends comment on fb or to me that they wish they could get their baby to sleep past 5:30 am. I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT GETTING YOUR BABY TO SLEEP LONGER!!! But when Gavin wakes up earlier than I want whether its during a nap or in the morning what do I do. Yep, I ignore him!

And you know what, for him, it works like a charm.

Call me a horrible mother, neglectful if you want, but he goes back to sleep. I honestly think that if you go right in when they wake they will expect it. So, I started letting him wait. If he was crying I went in after only a few minutes and try to calm him and then see if he falls back asleep. But most often he's happy so what's the shame in letting him lay there to see if he'll fall back asleep. In fact, today Gavin woke from his nap after only 1 1/2 hours. He usually sleeps minimum 2 1/2 but normally 3 so I knew it wasn't long enough. So, what did I do IGNORED HIM! He went back to sleep, but woke 30-40 minutes later. Again, I ignored him and mowed the lawn. He has now slept (off and on) for 3 hours and is still going strong. I'm sure I just jinxed myself and he will be up the second I post this.

So although my dearest boy can't walk, talk or chew gum (let alone all 3 at the same time) HE CAN SLEEP!! And for that I am grateful, especially since I've adopted this awful habit of staying up way too late. I still get to sleep 8 1/2 hours before he wakes me.


  1. Oh what I would do for a child who slept that long. My babies pretty much don't sleep and if they take long naps during the day, they don't sleep at night. And I've tried the "ignore him" thing. Yep, 2 hrs at a timefor one week straight. It was then I realized that I wasn't blessed with sleeping babies. They have other wonderful,fantastic things about them but sleeping is not it. But, I am glad you were blessed with one, an ADORABLE sleepy boy at that! Go Gavin!

  2. You are NOT neglectful! I didn't do that with our first and he was a terrible sleeper until he was 3 years old. I do that with the twins though. I need it for my sanity and they need to know that they are okay if no one rushes in to get them the second that they make a peep. It is called self soothing and is good for a baby. Don't worry if Gavin isn't doing what other babies his age are doing, he will eventually but hopefully will still be a good sleeper.

  3. When Brennan wakes up earlier than 8am or before max, I turn the monitor off, put my ear plugs back in, and roll over with the covers over my head:-) I also leave he and max in their cribs for a min of thirty min after naps if they are talking or chatting to themselves. You go girl!!!

    P.s. Perfect parents are self proclaimed idiots. And the only people that think they are perfect are themselves. The rest of us know they are only hiding their imperfect secrets that the rest of us are brave enough to share with each other;-)