Friday, January 30, 2009

life's difficult decisions...

The baby's car seat...never thought I could spend so much time worrying about which one to get. I tell you. It probably hasn't been helped by the wondering macbook that sits on my lap wherever I go in the house. Ryan has given up on my obsession with this computer. I find any reason to be surfing the web or playing with the fun programs. Mostly I've been searching for the perfect bedding, or cutest baby gadgets out there. I am in love with and can't stay away from ebay. I think I've gotten addicted to receiving packages on our doorstep. Its been almost 2 weeks since my last. Oh, I ended that today when I bought some adorable baby necessities from etsy today! Ok, this isn't even where I meant this post to go. 

I've been researching car seats for weeks now. I know what consumer reports says, but my eyes have been locked on the Maxi Cosi Mico and I can't break the contact. I found the one I like for under $150.00. I have to admit that I'd be purchasing it more for the looks than anything. I just like its simple nature. I hate babyish things. It also has great ratings for safety from what I've read. It seems that no matter which one I try to fall in love with it gets some negative publicity. What should I do? I almost pushed the "purchase" button on Amazon, but decided to wait. I just can't commit to anything these days, except my Macbook and peanut M&M's. I would have gotten the Chicco Key Fit but I fell in love with the Baby Jogger City Mini and the car seat doesn't adapt with that stroller. I don't know if that will be a big deal to not be able to use the stroller with the infant car seat so that's another delimma. Help me Car Seat gurus! But I'll probably just be more confused...

So, if I want it to be compatible with my stroller I have these options:
Babytrend Expedition or StrideZ
britax Companion
Graco Infant Safeseat or Graco SnugRide
Maxi Cosi
Peg Perego Primo

Help me and Ryan will be eternally grateful for reducing the number of hours I spend searching and researching the internet!

Friday, January 2, 2009


So I've been horrible the last month or so not posting. It has been busy, but not that busy. The month started off with an amazing trip to Cabo San Lucas. Ryan being the unselfish husband he is offered to sell his mountain bike (something we were already considering) and putting that money towards one last vacation (if you remember from last year we went on a cruise in the southern caribbean as our "last horray".) Well, that just wasn't enough (it was a year ago). Well, with that money and a monthly vacation fund I started for us we made the trip! We definitely did it on a budget but I didn't mind it. It ended up being the smart way to do things and we stuck to our budget. I absolutely love Cabo! Some people don't like Mexico, but I'm actually drawn to the people and love the service they give. Yes, there is poverty, but I love the culture. We had the greatest time. Being 5 months pregnant did have its drawbacks (we couldn't parasail or jet ski). Ryan promised the trip would be purely for relaxing and vegging and that's what it was. I think I probably clocked in about 20 hours of laying in the sun. You could have called it a part-time job! It was glorious!!! I read the entire Twilight book during the week. I haven't read that much in my life I think. It was a empowering moment! Ryan was a good sport vegging and he did get his time in working out (unfortunately it cost $10 a day to workout in their gym so he splurged one day but the rest he made due in our hotel room). I posted a picture for your pleasure. (Sidenote: Have I ever mentioned  how much Ryan loves when I blog about him and things like this. Yes he loves it! Thanks babe for having a sense of humor and letting me enjoy your cuteness). So he would fill our luggage with heavy items to do curls, lift the 5 gallon water bottle, fill the backpack with books on his back and do pushups, pullups on the edge of the entertainment center, I helped him with handstand pushup dealies--very creative honey! 
We got some good food down there (my fav's yummy homemade tortillas, great guacamole, enchiladas, great italian food (in mexico? say what?), yummy gelato an more guacamole. All week ryan talked about taking a bath in guacamole and wished he had a keg of guac on the beach with us! I had a virgin pina colada or two as well. Love those things! It was just what i needed. THANK YOU BABE!!!! 

The only set back was the crazy fog in the valley that resulted in delayed flight leaving, then to a cancelled flight 5 hours later, and then to 2 hours of standing in line to change flights, then to find out we had to get a rental car and drive to San Francisco from Sac town to catch a flight the following day, which led to an additional hotel night (thanks Craig and Janice for helping out with that). It was frustrating to say the least, but it all worked out in the end and we got there safely and with ease the next day. I just kept the mindset "you can't control this" and went with the flow (most of the time). I did have rearrange hotel nights with expedia and our shuttle but it all worked out and it didn't ruin the trip at all. We were able to extend the trip a night as a result of the delay since we were originally coming home on a friday. 
So once our amazing vacation ended I was greated with a lovely head cold. It took 2 weeks to get rid of it and then Ryan got it. Thankfully I didn't have it that bad compared to Ryan. I wasn't able to take meds so the humidifier was all I got, but the Lord blessed me that it wasn't too intense. Ryan has green flem and won't go to the doctor. Isn't that bad? Doesn't that mean there's an infection? He says his body will take care of it--I love my stubborn husband! Even with his stubbornness I did enjoy babying him and helping him get as comfortable as he could (that's how we spent our new year's). As long as I was with him (and my new macbook). 

That brings me to Christmas. It was rushed again this year with taking the vacation the first part of the month. We vowed to never take vacations like that again since it really fowls up Christmas parties, shopping and really experiencing the preparation for christmas, but its such a good time. We had a low-key Christmas (the last of them for a long time to come) and spent it split between families. I got to talk to my bro Keith who's on a mission in Costa Rica. Santa spoiled me with a new computer after hours of searching and getting the best deal possible I ended up with the dreamy macbook!!! So what if I wanted it for the looks--that was just the initial attraction. Now i love it for its looks, plus the way it feels, the way it treats me and takes care of me (I've had bad computer relationships in the past). Anyway the relationship is still new so we're taking it slow. Baby Beck got his first presents from the family and they're already waiting for him in his closet. We got to spend some time with Ryan's good friend Matt and his family. It was really nice. We definitely wish we lived closer to our dearest friends (they've all seemed to move away). 

Anyway, this is getting long and I've logged in so many hours today searching out the right stroller, car seat, picking decor for baby's room, stressing endlessly over the color of the walls (which I was supposed to paint this week). It has me very anxious-go figure! To top it all off I just can't decide on the baby's name. We have a few we can agree on but I'm just not sure. Oh geez! Someone give me something important to worry about!!! Well, we missed you all who we didn't get to see this holiday season. We're shooting for a trip to Utah this summer around July 4th (barring we have a sane child that we feel safe leaving home with). Knowing how charma seems to work with babies we have quite the tike on our hands!!!

I've posted a pic of me at 22 weeks and just took another today at 27 weeks. Sorry I've been bad about posting the progress. Thanks for your patience!!