Saturday, July 5, 2008

my bucket list

So, recently Ryan and I watched "The Bucket List" and its made me think lately about things I'd want to do in this life. More so, its made me wonder how I can make it all happen. The mission in Africa, backpacking in Central America, New York City and the US Open, Wimbeldon, Europe, the Mediterranean, all seems so far out of reach. Don't get me wrong I'm still counting on Ryan to make millions so we can do it all when we're 60, but what about now? (FYI, in case you missed it, the last sentance was somewhat humorous--I don't expect Ryan to make millions, I'm excepting billions). So I've been devising my bucket list on paper and here it goes (these aren't in any particular order, yet):

1. Live in Portland Oregon
2. Soak up the history and beauty of the east coast--in person.
3. Party it up in New York City.
4. Grand Slam--French Open, Austrailian Open, US Open, and Wimbeldon (this ones for Ryan)
5. Serve mission in Africa (not sure which part yet)
6. Donate money to have a city tennis court facility built and promote children learning/playing tennis.
7. Figi
8. To bear and raise our own children
9. Own a Volvo SUV
10. Live debt free (including our home)
11. Let go of my past--completely
12. Love God more than myself
13. Love myself
14. Adopt a child
15. skydive
16. hang glide
17. Live on a yacht in the caribbean sea
18. raise a fun, beautiful, and talented family
19. become an experienced and good chef
20. learn to sew and create my own line of fashions, home accessories, and textiles (fabrics)
21. Get my masters, and then PHD (wanted it in political theory, but not sure now)
22. Increase my vocabulary
23. Master spanish and learn Italian
24. Become concert pianist
25. Own a Steinway Grand Piano
26. Pursue Journalism and publish a book
27. food critic, experience all the finest restaurants
28. experience fulfillment in my own life instead of envying (or looking for it in) others creativity, beauty, fun, passion, excitement, etc.
29. get all my closets/house orgainzed (this one I can actually achieve, maintaining it another quest).
30. Live in Mexico
31. Be an intellectual guru
32. become a good photographer
33. live close to the beach (warm, sandy beach)
34. Live in San Francisco
35. compose beautiful music with my husband
36. temple worker
37. Be naturally optimistic and love life in the moment regardless of the circumstances.

#1 is definitely raising a fun, beautiful and talented family!


  1. I like the idea of coming up with a bucket list, maybe that will give me something to do over the next few weeks. I loved that movie!!

  2. we just saw the bucket list a couple nights ago and i really liked it. (this is ryan's cousin meredith by the way. maybe someday we'll actually meet!) i also am expecting my husband to make billions so we can do all the things i want to do. i climbed kilimanjaro just over 10 years ago and one of the things on my list is to do it again with patrick and our kids! your list is definitely ambitious, but that's GOOD. i hope you can do it all, and keep us posted along the way!