Monday, December 3, 2007

One Down...Eternity to Go!

Well, on October 5, 2007 we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We started the celebration off early with a semi-surprise weekend trip to San Francisco. Let me just explain "semi-surprise" for those that aren't familiar with Ryan's experiences surprising Stacy. Gratefullly, I'm not ashamed to tell you this story (after the fact). I've come alot more comfortable with my weaknesses since marrying Ryan. He's pretty much amazing so I had to! Anyway, Ryan can't seem to surprise me with anything. It probably began as a child when I would sneak around my parents room at Christmas to find my presents or read through my mom's planner for ideas. Bad child! Well, I hate surprises! I hate giving AND receiving them. Ryan had given an honest shot at them now and I don't blame him for giving up! The most memorable was when he proposed to me the first time...we had looked at rings previously but not gotten one. Well, that next week he attempted to go to Roseville without me to get it, but being the insecure (but innocent) girl I was started sensing he was keeping something from me. I knew him too well and his story wasn't making sense. For some reason he couldn't meet me for lunch even to say hi because he had to meet up with Denning (his roommate and buddy through school). Well, it didn't make sense since normally Ryan dropped everything for me. Well, I insisted I didn't believe his story until he got so frustrated and couldn't lie a minute longer and would drop it that he had to tell me he was in the car WITH HIS MOM on the way to get my engagement ring. OUCH! Needless to say I shut up and got over it. I felt like an idiot!

Well, the luck has continued on several occassions, the latest being our anniversary. We had agreed to keep it simple, but Ryan tried to surprise me. He accidentally hinted he was secretly planning something, then told me to promise not to look at his email for the rest of the month. That sparked the beast! So, I started probing until he gave in with another detail of the secret. Unfortunately, the thing that ruined the surprise this time was the fact that his "clue" was the date of the event and that we were heading out of town and I had actually committed to a con-ed course for work and couldn't miss it! I hardly ever work on fridays, but Ryan had neglected to look at the calendar. Talk about bad luck! Thankfully I was able to get out of the commitment with enough time to gam to San Francisco for a Broadway play of "Jersey Boys". It was a great performance! Sorry honey about the surprise issue! The really sad part is he loves giving them but they always flop. Better luck in the future! We had a great weekend, with some bumps along the way, but that's a whole nother blog...our bad luck with San Francisco.

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  1. Stacy, I'm totally with you...I always snoop around. Here's the problem--I like the surprise but I always seem to ruin it for myself!